Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tide Stain Release.....Really?

I'm sure that many of you have seen the new Tide laundry detergent commercials, where you can boost your detergent, and stain releasing power with new Tide Stain Release thingies.
Pop em in the washer along with your detergent, and voila, you laundry never looked better.
REALLY? So, what Tide is really saying, is "our detergent doesn't work that great, so you better get this if you want clean clothes."
Wouldn't it have made more sense to put the money and effort into making the detergent more effective, instead of having to buy a seperate product from the same company?
Stuff like that just slays me.
By the way, I do use Tide.
I am happy with their product the way it is.
I am also cheap, so I buy the knock off oxyclean at the Dollar Tree, for those stubborn stains...for guess what...a dollar!

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