Sunday, July 26, 2009

Would You Turn On The Air Conditioner Already!

We've been having quite the heat blast for the past week here in Oregon. Temps in the 90's, and more to come. In the triple digits by Tuesday! Now I like summer, but I feel like I'm standing on the sun. My kitties are not so happy either. Or I should say Petunia (top pic) and Sheba (bottom pic) are not happy. They lounge around staring at me with daggers. "It's hot woman! Do something about it!" My 15 year old pussycat is a tad smarter. He stays in the bedroom where the fan is blowing right on top of him. With age comes wisdsom. I love that cat. Do I have air conditioning? Why yes I do. Now that the hubby is laid off one week a month, I don't feel like we should be spending any extra money right now. Tuesday is a different matter. Lordy.
Tuesday: And wouldn't you know it..I turned it on this morning, and it doesn't work. It's 11:00 am, and already 94F. ugh.

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