Saturday, July 25, 2009

Traveling in Oregon: Heceta Head Lighthouse

Pronounced Ha-See-Ta

These pictures are actually from last October, that's why they seem a bit on the dark side. The day started out sunny, (unusual for Oregon) and proceeded to fall into a dusky mist by the time I hit the top of the trail where you can visit the lighthouse. Heceta Head is the most photographed light house on the west coast, was built in 1894, and is still active. They have also turned the caretakers house into a real fancy bed and breakfast.
Don't forget that it is reportedly haunted..Oooo!
(Want more history? This is a good web page to visit: Oregon Lighthouses)
So! let's start up the 1/2 mile trail, and enjoy the view...
Here we are halfway up the trail:

This is the view from the trail looking back towards the parking area:

This is looking towards the Sea Lion Caves:

We're getting closer:

You can't imagine how many fools hike out to these rocks when the tide is out, and end up stranded when it comes back in.

A scary detour off the main trail. I slid all the way down on my butt. I think this is where all those idiots come down to get to those twin rocks in the last picture.

See that sign down there? It says "Danger! Don't go any farther! What? Are you an idiot?" Naw, it just says "Danger!" but it really should have the other part too.

This was a detour on the other side of the trail. I couldn't get close enough to take this picture. I'm afraid of heights, and was left trembling..holding onto a bush for dear life. ahhh, hiking!

Ah, back on the trail. Here is the old caretakers cottage, that has been turned into a fancy Bed and Breakfast. I hear they serve a 7 course breakfast.

We're at the top! This is the lighthouse in all it's glory. They even give tours now, which I wish I hadn't of done. Fear of heights, rememeber? I thought I was going to cry when we got all the way to the top.

Final pic! This is looking at the lighthouse from the Sea Lion Caves. Pretty!

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