Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Patio!

It's been forever since I've written anything, so I've promised myself (and you dear readers) I would make an attempt to put out a few things this week.
So! Today I'm going to blog about my new patio. The hubby and I had been discussing this for ages, and now that he is layed off one week a month (damn this economy) he really needs something to do. I mean something besides leaving me here to go camping and fishing till his hearts content.
That being said, let's begin the tour of "How To Make a Patio That Isn't Square."
And by square, I mean hubby asked me what I wanted, and I showed him a picture I found on the internet of an octagon shaped patio, and he drooped a bit. No, I didn't want a square patio..everyone has square patios.
The graph paper is whipped out, measurements are applied, and he's off to the the home improvement center.
Leveling out the area. This is where our old pool was 2 years ago, so there's still plenty of sand, which is a bonus.

We had extra help, which was also a bonus, since yet again, one of "my" kids needed a place to stay for "a few days." 3 weeks get the picture. He was a great help though. Here he is leveling out the first blocks.

Now this part was not my idea, and I don't know what the hubby was thinking, but I have no complaints. There are electricity lines in there, going to three different places. I also get fountains!

More cutting. Almost every piece had to be individually cut.

Things are really starting to take shape. The youngest son spent an entire week leveling out, and whacking blocks to make them fit. And as you can see, it really did no good to make the sand all level. (from pic one) It was a jumbled mess until the final block was layed.

When things were about finished, I decided where the first fountain was going to go. After it was put in place, I also figured out that now I have made it impossible to mow around it. I spent the next couple days digging out all the grass, leveling out the dirt, putting down landscaping cloth, and hauling rock. I love how it turned out!

Now we have lots of extra room for the family, and friends who think they are family to gather without stepping on each other. And of course our fire pit. That got a makeover too. Sanded, repainted, and good for another year or two. Maybe. The bottom is completely rusted out, but that didn't stop us from christening the new patio with some friends and a fire.

Now I need new patio furniture to go with it! The hubby thinks not. Does this seem like the kind of chair you should put on a gorgeous new patio?

Really. I think it deserves better.

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