Saturday, June 27, 2009

Any Spider Experts Out There?

UGH. What in the world is this thing? (more pics at the bottom)
I don't have a great fear of spiders, but this one about made me faint. My family and I were camping last weekend, and I was taking a break from stacking wood, when this THING comes walking out from underneath the rocks surrounding our fire barrel and is ALMOST on top of my foot before my husband saw it.
(Was that a run-on sentence, or what?)
I don't think I've ever moved that fast in my life.
So, a little background.
It's a spider. (brilliant!)
It was found in Central Oregon.
Elevation, about 4,700 feet.
It's a red/orange color.
It looks to me like a tarantula, without all the fur.
It has FANGS..or what looks like large fangs..can't really see that in the picture.
In my 35 years of camping in the same spot, i've never seen a spider this large.
And it's dead.
I didn't do it! "My" boys wanted to keep it, and it was fine until we drove down the mountain and got home. I think the altitude change might have been a little much for it. I don't believe in taking animals from where they were found, but I wasn't willing to waste my breath telling that to three 21 year olds either.
I don't know anything else about it. A couple hours were spent online looking at pictures, but we didn't find anything resembling our little friend here.
Anyone out there in internet land have a clue?

I know it looks a little's been sitting on my desk for a week to freak out various visitors.

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