Saturday, March 21, 2009

Skittle Vodka? Yes!

An experiment with alcohol. My what we can learn on the internet!
Skittle flavored Vodka.
Well, why not?
My youngest was perusing the web, and found a recipe for infusing vodka with skittles. While yes, this sounds fun and fruity, I didn't expect that 4 hours later, he and 2 of his guy buddies to come flying through the front door with 12 bottles of water, a 2 pound bag of skittles, and a half gallon of vodka.

Out come half the dishes I own, the skittle bag is ripped open, and they sit there for the next half hour sorting them into their like colors. (these happen to be the sour skittles)

Gotta drink the 8 bottles water in between a half case of beer, otherwise they won't have anything to put their elixir in when the time comes.
Oops, your only supposed to use 8 oz bottles, and these are 12. Doubling the recipe, drinking more beer.
After everything got sorted out, skittles in, vodka in, shake shake shake, we have come up with something that looks to me like tempura paint. And your going to drink this???
Apparently after the skittles melt, you strain the goo out, and then it's the real deal. I'm wondering though...wouldn't it have been easier to just pop a handful of that rainbow skittly goodness in your mouth, swish with the vodka and swallow? I think we're wasting time here people!
The next day:
The skittle goo is strained into a coffee filter until the sugary stuff is gone, and now we're left with the part your supposed to drink.
I was dubious. After all I do remember mentioning that this stuff looks like tempura paint.

That night:
As per our usual Saturday night, most of "my" 10 kids were here. (I would like to add that they are all over the age of 21 here folks, so don't get your dander up)
Out comes the skittle vodka, and I am the first to test it out. Into the shot glass, and down the hatch. By gawd, it's wonderful! So wonderful in fact, that I am more than willing to take a shot of each of the rainbow colors..............more than once.

I should mention here that I do not drink hard alcohol very much. I never take straight shots.
After tasting the rainbow, I giggled all night, and at 2am thought it would be a wonderful idea to play badmitton. I do not own a badmitton set, which was probably all for the better, as I was reminded the last time I got this giggly, I almost killed someone trying to play horseshoes at 2am. (They never forget the things you want them too, do they?)
I love skittle vodka!

I'm going to cheat and send you over to "Mix That Drink" where the vodka tutorial is that was used for this blog. Enjoy!

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