Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recycler's Unite!

Are you a recycling fanatic? Are you one of those people who look at something and go hmMm, I wonder what I should do with this? Or are you one of those people who throw absolutely everything in the trash with no regard to mounting land fills full of reusable crap? (Shame on you.)
I found this great site on recycling, that showed me things I didn't even know could be recycled, and I recycle more than anyone I know. (I have a 64 gallon recycle bin that is brimming for my twice a month pick up, and a 32 gallon trash can that's picked up twice a month with very little in it..even with 5 people and 3 cats in our household!)
Wonder what to do with your old Christmas lights?
How about old cd's and dvd's?
Deodorant sticks?
Prescription medication?
Fire extinguishers?
Holiday cards?
Nail clippers?
Six-pack rings?
Smoke detectors?
And so much more!
C'mon, let's get to putting this stuff where it belongs. Clicky to see how at "How To Recycle Anything an A to Z Guide". over at Real Simple.com. I bet there's a few things that even you didn't know could be recycled. Like just about everything I listed? Yeah, I was amazed too.
And inspired :)

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