Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who The Heck is Secret Smile?

I was thinking the other day, that if anyone who visits me here and happens to check out my profile will see my old webpage under contacts. Well, if you click to go there, you might be a little confused, because it says The Home Of Secret Smile. Well, who the hell is Secret Smile? I thought you were DJ?! Well, I am, and I am also Secret Smile.
Let me explain. For 14? years.. (I can't remember anymore!) I have been visiting a chatroom called Beauty's Castle. I know...14 years! How pathetic. But it used to be the most fun on the planet, and I spent hours...literally hours sitting in front of my computer chatting away with the castle "locals." I would have to stop when the old man got home from work, but only because he was pushing me out of the way so he could spend hours there too. I met so many people, and had a social life without ever leaving the house!
In early 2002 Mistress Beauty promoted me to be an "upper room" monitor. Yes, there really is a Mistress Beauty! Since this is a castle, there are many rooms to chat in....the "upper rooms" consisting of but not limited to The Square, The Pub (my fave room), The Bedroom, and The Hot Tub. The lower rooms are all Dungeon related, and not for general chat. (just in case you care to venture into the dark to visit) I loved it, and spent 3 years serving my Queen,
before having to give up my duties. Real time constraints had caught up with me, and I was unable to spend every waking minute mingling with the guests and friends.
Not that there were alot of people to hang out with after Mr. Johnny Vegas blew his cover in 2002, and blabbed.
Johnny Vegas is a very popular comedian in Brittain and was a regular visitor (anonymously of course) at one point, and then went on a popular British show called Room 101, admitting that he chatted there. Well, that's when everything went to hen shit. We were completely over run with Brits looking for Johnny Vegas. (aka: Unabashed) There were so many people logging on that it actually caused the site to crash the day the show aired. Over the next few years, nearly all of the regulars, who were mostly American, left. I made friends with alot of the Brits, and enjoyed their company, but most of them disappeared after awhile too. After everyone I knew drifted off to other parts of the Internet (without telling me where you were going I might add) I got tired of roaming the castle halls looking for someone to talk to, and dropped out of sight for a couple years.

Things are looking up though. For about the past month, I've been lurking around in the background and chatting occasionally because there are actual people visiting again!
So, if you decide to visit Beauty's, and you see Secret Smile in a room, you will be talking to me. Feel free to say hello, I'm always happy to chat with new friends :)
I'm posting the video of Johnny Vegas on Room 101 where he's talking about Beauty's Castle, because honestly, it's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Skittle Vodka? Yes!

An experiment with alcohol. My what we can learn on the internet!
Skittle flavored Vodka.
Well, why not?
My youngest was perusing the web, and found a recipe for infusing vodka with skittles. While yes, this sounds fun and fruity, I didn't expect that 4 hours later, he and 2 of his guy buddies to come flying through the front door with 12 bottles of water, a 2 pound bag of skittles, and a half gallon of vodka.

Out come half the dishes I own, the skittle bag is ripped open, and they sit there for the next half hour sorting them into their like colors. (these happen to be the sour skittles)

Gotta drink the 8 bottles water in between a half case of beer, otherwise they won't have anything to put their elixir in when the time comes.
Oops, your only supposed to use 8 oz bottles, and these are 12. Doubling the recipe, drinking more beer.
After everything got sorted out, skittles in, vodka in, shake shake shake, we have come up with something that looks to me like tempura paint. And your going to drink this???
Apparently after the skittles melt, you strain the goo out, and then it's the real deal. I'm wondering though...wouldn't it have been easier to just pop a handful of that rainbow skittly goodness in your mouth, swish with the vodka and swallow? I think we're wasting time here people!
The next day:
The skittle goo is strained into a coffee filter until the sugary stuff is gone, and now we're left with the part your supposed to drink.
I was dubious. After all I do remember mentioning that this stuff looks like tempura paint.

That night:
As per our usual Saturday night, most of "my" 10 kids were here. (I would like to add that they are all over the age of 21 here folks, so don't get your dander up)
Out comes the skittle vodka, and I am the first to test it out. Into the shot glass, and down the hatch. By gawd, it's wonderful! So wonderful in fact, that I am more than willing to take a shot of each of the rainbow colors..............more than once.

I should mention here that I do not drink hard alcohol very much. I never take straight shots.
After tasting the rainbow, I giggled all night, and at 2am thought it would be a wonderful idea to play badmitton. I do not own a badmitton set, which was probably all for the better, as I was reminded the last time I got this giggly, I almost killed someone trying to play horseshoes at 2am. (They never forget the things you want them too, do they?)
I love skittle vodka!

I'm going to cheat and send you over to "Mix That Drink" where the vodka tutorial is that was used for this blog. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to Buy Booze for CHEAP!

My Stockpile--->
With our economy going down the toilet, half of America layed off, or about to be, I thought i would share "How To Get Alcohol For Less Than Half Of What You're Paying In Your Local Grocery Store" Yes, seriously. I am The Goddess, you may worship me.
You know all those beverage distributors in your town/city? Yeah, the ones that actually get all that delicious booze, and send it on to your local market with a price up that makes you want to gouge your eyes out, but your still going to pay it? Yep, that place.
I bet most of you don't know that they have what they call "dock sales" at least once a week to get rid of their surplus, damaged, or almost to the pull date items. OMG. I've got your attention now, don't I? ((please continue worshipping))
Yank out that phone book, and give them a call. Find out when their dock sales are, get your butt down there, and feel the burn waiting in line for your turn.
I've been doing this for the past two years, and believe me, it's worth it.
Lucky for me, my eldest son works for a distributor, so I don't have to wait in line, due to "employee day". ~insert Angels singing here~ Of course I can only get 10 cases of booze a week, unlike public days where I've seen people put palettes of beer in their rigs and drive away happy.
I don't know what prices are like in your town, but I'll give you some examples of what I'm paying here.
Domestic Beers:
Coors, Miller, Keystone, Milwaukee's Best, blah blah blah 6 bucks for a 24 or 30 pack. (did you faint? a month ago, they were only 4 bucks a case.)
Imports: 8 bucks a case
Pop: Sunkist, A&W Roobeer, 7 Up, etc.,I paid 1 dollar (yes one whole dollar) for 8 - 2 liters last week. This week, it was 3 dollars for 8. Oh, the inflation.
Energy drinks..they got em.
Wine, it's there.

So, if you want cheap beer, and are willing to waste away a couple hours waiting in line, go check it out! Let me know what kind of deals you're getting in your own hometown...yes I'll be here waiting for your undying gratitude ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Rash From Hell

I have been suffering a horrible itchy disgusting rash for the past three weeks, that has spread from a little patch on my wrist, to both insides of my elbows and my eyelids. (and now....*whispers* my butt crack) The only thing I could think of was that these pesky little sugar ants that have invaded my house were sneaking in my bed at night and using me as the all you can eat buffet. No one else was being bothered, but I couldn't think of anything else it could be. My eyelids were practically swollen shut, and itched terribly.That, I thought could be attributed to allergies. But I only have summer allergies, which in Oregon, equates to July and August, then we're back to crap weather. (I put that part in because I Iike to complain alot.)
So last night while I was standing in the garage scratching myself silly while I was smoking and drinking a frosty malt beverage, I had an epiphany. I wonder if I have poison oak! I've never had it before, so I had no clue what it looks like in rash form.
I called my Dad the next day, because 2 months before, he was whacking down his poison oak bush (tree?) and got it all over him for the third year in a row. (The man never learns.) He was all cleared up before I allowed him in my presence, so didn't think anything of it. Oh yeah. It's poison oak. He's got it again from god knows what. The oils must of still been on something that he brushed up against, then I touched whatever diseased part was infected, and now I'm all gross and disgusting. Thanks for sharing Dad :)
I feel better knowing what it is now though, and I look great in calamine pink. (That one spot under my eye makes me look especially hot when I have to go out in public.)
I'm not sure what to do about my eyelids though. I heard you can use alcohol, but that doesn't seem like a viable solution, as I value my eyesight.
Any fellow sufferers out there that have some advice?


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recycler's Unite!

Are you a recycling fanatic? Are you one of those people who look at something and go hmMm, I wonder what I should do with this? Or are you one of those people who throw absolutely everything in the trash with no regard to mounting land fills full of reusable crap? (Shame on you.)
I found this great site on recycling, that showed me things I didn't even know could be recycled, and I recycle more than anyone I know. (I have a 64 gallon recycle bin that is brimming for my twice a month pick up, and a 32 gallon trash can that's picked up twice a month with very little in it..even with 5 people and 3 cats in our household!)
Wonder what to do with your old Christmas lights?
How about old cd's and dvd's?
Deodorant sticks?
Prescription medication?
Fire extinguishers?
Holiday cards?
Nail clippers?
Six-pack rings?
Smoke detectors?
And so much more!
C'mon, let's get to putting this stuff where it belongs. Clicky to see how at "How To Recycle Anything an A to Z Guide". over at Real I bet there's a few things that even you didn't know could be recycled. Like just about everything I listed? Yeah, I was amazed too.
And inspired :)