Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tide Stain Release.....Really?

I'm sure that many of you have seen the new Tide laundry detergent commercials, where you can boost your detergent, and stain releasing power with new Tide Stain Release thingies.
Pop em in the washer along with your detergent, and voila, you laundry never looked better.
REALLY? So, what Tide is really saying, is "our detergent doesn't work that great, so you better get this if you want clean clothes."
Wouldn't it have made more sense to put the money and effort into making the detergent more effective, instead of having to buy a seperate product from the same company?
Stuff like that just slays me.
By the way, I do use Tide.
I am happy with their product the way it is.
I am also cheap, so I buy the knock off oxyclean at the Dollar Tree, for those stubborn stains...for guess what...a dollar!

Monday, November 30, 2009


My youngest son finally got his first car! He will be 22 in January, so you can see how much this thrills me that I don't have to take him everywhere he needs to go.
So this was our adventure on picking up the new ride.
First, Google Maps lies.
I knew pretty much where we were going, but then the road ended without being at the correct address. This is a problem. A ten minute trip took us about 30, but we finally found the house, and the people who were waiting on us for the big sale.
The transaction went smoothly. He is now the proud owner of a $600.00 1985 Honda Prelude that looks like a junk yard put together piece of crap. Considering this is exactly what he wanted, I am pleased.
We are informed that there might be about 2 tablespoons of gas in the tank, so make your first trip to the gas station.
This isn't a problem, except I don't drive in that area of town very often, and am not sure where to get gas. He's driving in front of me in case he gets lost. I know, I know, it should be the other way around, shouldn't it? This is where our trouble begins.
I decide that Coburg Road will work just fine, and all we have to do is take a left when we get to the stop lights. I turn on my left turn signal in hopes that he is paying attention, and he takes a right. (He isn't familiar with this end of town either.)
I know there aren't any gas stations out this way, but I don't want to freak him out and call while he's driving, since he's a rookie driver. He finally figures out that we're pretty much driving out somewhere in East Jesus, and takes a side street to stop.
I figure we're pretty much out far enough, that we might be close to a Home Depot, which has a gas station in front of it. I'll go first, since he's completely turned around, and he can follow me. We're doing okay. A couple miles down the road, he's there, and then he isn't. Find a place to pull over and give him a call on the ol' cellphone. He's all "the car was making funny noises and glurging. I think I'm out of gas." Super! As we are having this conversation, I see a motorcycle cop drive by. The pit of my stomach drops a bit. See, the part I haven't told you yet is; HE DOESN'T HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE, OR INSURANCE. Yes my friends, he went about this a bit backwards, but who am I to complain?
Anyways, I turn around, and head back to him, and who is parked directly across the street from his now broke down car? Why yes, it Mr. Police Officer with a radar gun. I almost cried.
I finally found a place to turn myself around again, and pull in behind him. Trying to be inconspicuous as possible, I hunch down in my seat waving like a crazy woman for him to get in my car RIGHT NOW. He's trying to be all casual. Nothing wrong here, lalalala...
After a few deep breaths, I'm able to pull back into traffic and head off to the store to get a damned gas can. Oh, I forgot to mention that this adventure happened on Black Friday (The day after Thanksgiving) and the entire population of Oregon is out shopping today. And they are cranky. And I'm getting that way. And I have to pee.
We buy a gas can, go to the gas station, and then pray that the police officer has now gone on his merry way before we get back. Luck was with us.
He gets the gas in, and we are finally turned around and ready to get back on the road home. I have him follow me, since he would probably end up in Washington before he figured out he was going the wrong way.
No worries. We pass the same motorcycle cop, but he has someone pulled over and I feel like I could throw confetti out the window. From there on, it was smooth sailing.
Three hours later,
his car is all tucked in at his apartment waiting for him to win the lottery so he can do the drivers license and insurance thing. I can't think of a better way to have spent my Friday.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Traveling in Oregon: Salt Creek

Well here we are again on highway 58. If you've looked at my other "Traveling in Oregon" blogs, you might notice a pattern here. I seem to only travel to the coast, or up/down highway 58.
That being said, Salt Creek. This river winds it's way down from Salt Creek Falls, which is waaaaaaaaaay up on top of highway 58, and meanders its way down until it turns into the Willamette river.
This was one of the few times I've actually got to stop and take pictures. It was hot, I was cranky, and luckily the husband wanted to fish. The temperature was about 20 degree's cooler down by the water. And so green. I love the smell of green. And water. Most of Salt Creek looks like these pictures. It's really worth the time to pull over wherever you can, walk down and enjoy such beauty. I used to have a video so you could hear the sound of the creek rushing by. If I find it I'll post it!
(don't forget that you can click on each picture if you want to see it bigger)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Would You Turn On The Air Conditioner Already!

We've been having quite the heat blast for the past week here in Oregon. Temps in the 90's, and more to come. In the triple digits by Tuesday! Now I like summer, but I feel like I'm standing on the sun. My kitties are not so happy either. Or I should say Petunia (top pic) and Sheba (bottom pic) are not happy. They lounge around staring at me with daggers. "It's hot woman! Do something about it!" My 15 year old pussycat is a tad smarter. He stays in the bedroom where the fan is blowing right on top of him. With age comes wisdsom. I love that cat. Do I have air conditioning? Why yes I do. Now that the hubby is laid off one week a month, I don't feel like we should be spending any extra money right now. Tuesday is a different matter. Lordy.
Tuesday: And wouldn't you know it..I turned it on this morning, and it doesn't work. It's 11:00 am, and already 94F. ugh.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Traveling in Oregon: Heceta Head Lighthouse

Pronounced Ha-See-Ta

These pictures are actually from last October, that's why they seem a bit on the dark side. The day started out sunny, (unusual for Oregon) and proceeded to fall into a dusky mist by the time I hit the top of the trail where you can visit the lighthouse. Heceta Head is the most photographed light house on the west coast, was built in 1894, and is still active. They have also turned the caretakers house into a real fancy bed and breakfast.
Don't forget that it is reportedly haunted..Oooo!
(Want more history? This is a good web page to visit: Oregon Lighthouses)
So! let's start up the 1/2 mile trail, and enjoy the view...
Here we are halfway up the trail:

This is the view from the trail looking back towards the parking area:

This is looking towards the Sea Lion Caves:

We're getting closer:

You can't imagine how many fools hike out to these rocks when the tide is out, and end up stranded when it comes back in.

A scary detour off the main trail. I slid all the way down on my butt. I think this is where all those idiots come down to get to those twin rocks in the last picture.

See that sign down there? It says "Danger! Don't go any farther! What? Are you an idiot?" Naw, it just says "Danger!" but it really should have the other part too.

This was a detour on the other side of the trail. I couldn't get close enough to take this picture. I'm afraid of heights, and was left trembling..holding onto a bush for dear life. ahhh, hiking!

Ah, back on the trail. Here is the old caretakers cottage, that has been turned into a fancy Bed and Breakfast. I hear they serve a 7 course breakfast.

We're at the top! This is the lighthouse in all it's glory. They even give tours now, which I wish I hadn't of done. Fear of heights, rememeber? I thought I was going to cry when we got all the way to the top.

Final pic! This is looking at the lighthouse from the Sea Lion Caves. Pretty!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Traveling In Oregon: A Trip up Highway 58

Ah Summer. The hubby and I finally made a trip to the cabin just the two of us. Sweet blessed silence for a weekend. Just me, him, and the mosquito's. It was great. It was 94 degrees when we left the valley, with a two hour road trip to Eastern Oregon, and no air conditioning. I was marveling how green everything still is. It has been a particularly wet summer, with the temperatures just finally seeming to scream July. I've driven highway 58 more times than I can count, and know all the places where I wish I could pull over and take pictures. Most places there isn't any place safe to do so, and the places where there are pull-outs get zoomed by without a glance from Mr. I want to get from point A to point B as soon as possible. Me, I like the drive, and in my heat induced semi-coma, I thought hey! I wonder if you could use the sports mode on the digital camera and actually take some pics while we're driving 65mph. It's really hard to focus on anything when your not standing still, but whaddya know! Some of them actually turned out. Now I wish I had taken more. Guess I'll save that for another trip. (All of these are taken after a town called Oakridge.) So here we are...A few pictures of Oregon, taken from a 94 ford ranger driving east on Highway 58, up and over the Willamette Pass.

The Tunnel. This means we're almost to the top of the pass.

Right after the tunnel.
The sign says "Salt Creek Falls." I wasn't quick enough to get a pic of the Falls.
Maybe next trip!

Diamond Peak. The mountain usually has snow on it year round.

I was actually able to get out of the truck here.
This is a pond about a mile from the cabin.

Look at all those bugs on the windshield! I only put this one in because my gawd, look how BLUE the sky is.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

this Is What Summer Afternoons Are Made Of

From Left to Right: Mischief, Sheba, and Petunia
We love to look outside..just don't open the door! It's scary out there in the wide wide world.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quite Possibly The Cutest Animal On The Planet

I saw this the other day when I was perusing the web, and I am in LOVE.
It's called a Slow Loris. (love love love love)
And thanks to YouTube, I found MORE videos of the Slow Loris.
At the very least, click on the first one,
cuz gee, nobody should have to go through life without seeing one of these. They are so CUTE.
What is a Slow Loris? You can scroll down to the bottom where I've put some information, if your interested. Enjoy!

The slow lorises are three species of loris and are classified as the genus Nycticebus. These slow moving creatures range from Borneo and the southern Philippines in Southeast Asia, through Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, India (North Eastern India, Bengal), southern China (Yunnan area) and Thailand. They are classified as vulnerable or endangered species, and are hunted for their large eyes which are prized for local traditional medicine. The Indonesian name, malu malu, can be translated as "shy one". They are listed as endangered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Slow lorises are nocturnal and arboreal animals that prefer the tops of the trees, occurring mostly in tropical/subtropical rain forests and bamboo thickets. They have slow, deliberate movements and a powerful grasp that makes them very difficult to remove from branches, especially because they only remove (at most) one limb from the branch at any given moment. They live as solitaries or in small family groups, and mark their territory with urine. Lorises whistle loudly to each other, using a single note, while foraging.

Slow lorises can produce a toxin which they mix with their saliva and use as protection against enemies. Mothers will lick this toxin onto their offspring before leaving them to search for food. The toxin is produced by glands on the insides of their elbows - the brachial region. The lorises suck it into their mouths and deliver it when they bite or lick. The toxin is not known to be fatal to humans, but causes a painful swelling. If the toxin does not deter a predator, the slow loris will often drop from the branch to the ground and roll into a protective ball.

Slow lorises can produce a toxin which they mix with their saliva and use as protection against enemies. Mothers will lick this toxin onto their offspring before leaving them to search for food. The toxin is produced by glands on the insides of their elbows - the brachial region. The lorises suck it into their mouths and deliver it when they bite or lick. The toxin is not known to be fatal to humans, but causes a painful swelling. If the toxin does not deter a predator, the slow loris will often drop from the branch to the ground and roll into a protective ball.

Slow lorises are opportunistic carnivores, typically eating insects, mollusks, lizards, bird eggs, and small vertebrates. With their slow quiet movements, they creep to their prey, in order to catch it with a lightning-quick snatch using both hands. They will also eat fruits and leaves. Slow lorises are not strongly territorial.

Slow lorises are polygamous and breed throughout the year. After an approximately 190-day gestation, the female births one (or rarely two) young, typically limited to one or two litters per year. The newborn clasps itself to the belly of the mother, or occasionally the father. When it is older it will be "parked" on a branch while its parent searches for food. After approximately six to nine months it is weaned. Sexual maturity is achieved around 10 to 24 months. The life expectancy of the slow loris is up to 14 years in the wild and up to 26 years in captivity.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Any Spider Experts Out There?

UGH. What in the world is this thing? (more pics at the bottom)
I don't have a great fear of spiders, but this one about made me faint. My family and I were camping last weekend, and I was taking a break from stacking wood, when this THING comes walking out from underneath the rocks surrounding our fire barrel and is ALMOST on top of my foot before my husband saw it.
(Was that a run-on sentence, or what?)
I don't think I've ever moved that fast in my life.
So, a little background.
It's a spider. (brilliant!)
It was found in Central Oregon.
Elevation, about 4,700 feet.
It's a red/orange color.
It looks to me like a tarantula, without all the fur.
It has FANGS..or what looks like large fangs..can't really see that in the picture.
In my 35 years of camping in the same spot, i've never seen a spider this large.
And it's dead.
I didn't do it! "My" boys wanted to keep it, and it was fine until we drove down the mountain and got home. I think the altitude change might have been a little much for it. I don't believe in taking animals from where they were found, but I wasn't willing to waste my breath telling that to three 21 year olds either.
I don't know anything else about it. A couple hours were spent online looking at pictures, but we didn't find anything resembling our little friend here.
Anyone out there in internet land have a clue?

I know it looks a little's been sitting on my desk for a week to freak out various visitors.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love Cat Videos!

For my entertainment...erm...I mean yours of course.
I love cat videos! You love cat videos! We all love cat videos!

And another one:

Sometimes I Hate Technology

Do you ever have days like these?
My laptop computer had been running at a snails pace, so I knew after 2-1/2 years of clutter, it was time to reinstall windows. I had diligently backed up everything that was important onto my jump drive, except my pictures (not enough room) and my food blogs. (not enough room) Yes! I am going to be running a recipe blog here when I have the time. I'm so excited!
Yes, anyways. I also Just in Case..backed up everything including my pictures and food blogs onto the desk top computer for safe keeping.
And then.
Windows is reinstalled. Sort of. A week later, after much hair pulling and cursing, I'm ready to put all my important stuff back onto my laptop.
All is fine with the jump drive.
All is not fine when I opened up the folder on the desk top computer and the folder is void of pictures and food blogs. WHAT? I NEED those! I thought I was being so smart. I burned the 2007 pictures to a cd. Why oh why didn't I do it for the 2008/2009 pictures? Well, because! They were all RIGHT THERE on the desk top computer. (I think I just shed a little tear)
All is not lost. I use Norton Back-Up. Which if your not familiar with said Norton Back-Up, at certain times of the day it snoops through your computer and grabs all your stuff and hides it online in case you ever need it again. WeEE!
Norton does a very very bad job of doing it's job.
After 3 hours of trying to FIND my files, they can finally be downloaded. When their site doesn't go down. Which happened to be 16 times on the first day. I kid you not. And then it just sits there. And sits there. 0% complete. 0% complete.
Two times that week, my hubby had to have a Norton representitive remotely connect to my computer to sort out this mess.
Which is very freaky by the way. You're just sitting there minding your own business, while someone a million miles away is controlling your mouse pointer, and running all over the screen opening up files, closing files, clicking on this and that. Yipes! I felt so violated.
When I did get some of my files back, Norton put them wherever it darn well felt like it, and renamed half of them too. I have spent two weeks going through things I didn't want downloaded, and peeking into absolutely everything, to put it back where its supposed to go.
I never did get ALL the stuff back I wanted. It was just too complicated.
I shall never..and I mean NEVER use Norton Back Up again.
The scary thing is, it's time to reinstall windows on the desk top computer too.
I'm buying the biggest jump drive they have on the market.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Patio!

It's been forever since I've written anything, so I've promised myself (and you dear readers) I would make an attempt to put out a few things this week.
So! Today I'm going to blog about my new patio. The hubby and I had been discussing this for ages, and now that he is layed off one week a month (damn this economy) he really needs something to do. I mean something besides leaving me here to go camping and fishing till his hearts content.
That being said, let's begin the tour of "How To Make a Patio That Isn't Square."
And by square, I mean hubby asked me what I wanted, and I showed him a picture I found on the internet of an octagon shaped patio, and he drooped a bit. No, I didn't want a square patio..everyone has square patios.
The graph paper is whipped out, measurements are applied, and he's off to the the home improvement center.
Leveling out the area. This is where our old pool was 2 years ago, so there's still plenty of sand, which is a bonus.

We had extra help, which was also a bonus, since yet again, one of "my" kids needed a place to stay for "a few days." 3 weeks get the picture. He was a great help though. Here he is leveling out the first blocks.

Now this part was not my idea, and I don't know what the hubby was thinking, but I have no complaints. There are electricity lines in there, going to three different places. I also get fountains!

More cutting. Almost every piece had to be individually cut.

Things are really starting to take shape. The youngest son spent an entire week leveling out, and whacking blocks to make them fit. And as you can see, it really did no good to make the sand all level. (from pic one) It was a jumbled mess until the final block was layed.

When things were about finished, I decided where the first fountain was going to go. After it was put in place, I also figured out that now I have made it impossible to mow around it. I spent the next couple days digging out all the grass, leveling out the dirt, putting down landscaping cloth, and hauling rock. I love how it turned out!

Now we have lots of extra room for the family, and friends who think they are family to gather without stepping on each other. And of course our fire pit. That got a makeover too. Sanded, repainted, and good for another year or two. Maybe. The bottom is completely rusted out, but that didn't stop us from christening the new patio with some friends and a fire.

Now I need new patio furniture to go with it! The hubby thinks not. Does this seem like the kind of chair you should put on a gorgeous new patio?

Really. I think it deserves better.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Carol Wright GIFTS???

Does anyone remember those magazines you used to get in the mail from "Carol Wright Gifts?" They always had such neat stuff in them. Even if it wasn't anything you were going to actually purchase, it was fun to look at. For some reason I got one in the mail today. ( I didn't even know they were still in business.) My how things have changed. Do not give this to your kids while your in the car driving to Grandmas house for dinner to keep them quiet. Good lord.
Your sailing along looking at magnetic knee braces, seer sucker draw string shorts, and the T-Fal One Egg Wonder Fry Pan, when boom, you turn the page and staring you in the face is "Totally Nude Aerobic, Yoga and Tai Chi dvd's." (featuring naked, well-toned female instructors, so you can see and follow each exercise) whaaaaat? How about "The Love Seat." (improves angles and depth of penetration for a more fulfilling experience)
Or maybe you need a Fast Acting Erection Formula. (melts in the mouth to give men a full fledged erection in mere minutes!)
I find it hard enough to watch tv anymore with all the erectile disfunction, feminine itch, and and hemorrhoid commercials that are on, now we have behind bedroom doors magazine advertisements stuck in between "Gopher Away Pellets," and the "Hair Cutting Umbrella?"

What is the world coming to? You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?

Friday, April 10, 2009

No Dye Gorgeous Easter Eggs

I know it might be a little late for you to try this out, but I just had to share it...maybe next year?
"Dying" Easter eggs, without all that messy dye! Aren't they pretty? (Yes, I snitched the photo, but since I'm directing you over to the original website, I thought it would be ok) I found this over at GoodyBlog, and while I haven't tried it, I'm sure there are alot of moms out there that would appreciate a little less mess and time in the kitchen.
(My kids are in their 20's, so unless you can dye a beer can, it ain't gunna happen.)
Instead of dye, you use silk ties! You can get those at any discount store like Goodwill, or St. Vincent De Paul for about a quarter. So cheap, and easy.
Here's what you will need:

-Silk ties
-Eggs (I have to assume uncooked eggs, since you will be boiling them for 25 minutes)
-White rags (like an old t-shirt or sheet)
-Rubber bands
-Household Vinegar

Head on over to GoodyBlog for the rest of the directions..I don't want them to think they aren't special. It looks really simple. I'd love to hear from you if you try this out!
Happy Easter :)
NOTE!!! I just found another site that used the GoodyBlog no dye eggs, and it says do not eat the eggs after they are finished!!!! Shouldn't they tell you that right off? Apparently the dye's in the ties could be toxic. Good thing to know.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who The Heck is Secret Smile?

I was thinking the other day, that if anyone who visits me here and happens to check out my profile will see my old webpage under contacts. Well, if you click to go there, you might be a little confused, because it says The Home Of Secret Smile. Well, who the hell is Secret Smile? I thought you were DJ?! Well, I am, and I am also Secret Smile.
Let me explain. For 14? years.. (I can't remember anymore!) I have been visiting a chatroom called Beauty's Castle. I know...14 years! How pathetic. But it used to be the most fun on the planet, and I spent hours...literally hours sitting in front of my computer chatting away with the castle "locals." I would have to stop when the old man got home from work, but only because he was pushing me out of the way so he could spend hours there too. I met so many people, and had a social life without ever leaving the house!
In early 2002 Mistress Beauty promoted me to be an "upper room" monitor. Yes, there really is a Mistress Beauty! Since this is a castle, there are many rooms to chat in....the "upper rooms" consisting of but not limited to The Square, The Pub (my fave room), The Bedroom, and The Hot Tub. The lower rooms are all Dungeon related, and not for general chat. (just in case you care to venture into the dark to visit) I loved it, and spent 3 years serving my Queen,
before having to give up my duties. Real time constraints had caught up with me, and I was unable to spend every waking minute mingling with the guests and friends.
Not that there were alot of people to hang out with after Mr. Johnny Vegas blew his cover in 2002, and blabbed.
Johnny Vegas is a very popular comedian in Brittain and was a regular visitor (anonymously of course) at one point, and then went on a popular British show called Room 101, admitting that he chatted there. Well, that's when everything went to hen shit. We were completely over run with Brits looking for Johnny Vegas. (aka: Unabashed) There were so many people logging on that it actually caused the site to crash the day the show aired. Over the next few years, nearly all of the regulars, who were mostly American, left. I made friends with alot of the Brits, and enjoyed their company, but most of them disappeared after awhile too. After everyone I knew drifted off to other parts of the Internet (without telling me where you were going I might add) I got tired of roaming the castle halls looking for someone to talk to, and dropped out of sight for a couple years.

Things are looking up though. For about the past month, I've been lurking around in the background and chatting occasionally because there are actual people visiting again!
So, if you decide to visit Beauty's, and you see Secret Smile in a room, you will be talking to me. Feel free to say hello, I'm always happy to chat with new friends :)
I'm posting the video of Johnny Vegas on Room 101 where he's talking about Beauty's Castle, because honestly, it's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Skittle Vodka? Yes!

An experiment with alcohol. My what we can learn on the internet!
Skittle flavored Vodka.
Well, why not?
My youngest was perusing the web, and found a recipe for infusing vodka with skittles. While yes, this sounds fun and fruity, I didn't expect that 4 hours later, he and 2 of his guy buddies to come flying through the front door with 12 bottles of water, a 2 pound bag of skittles, and a half gallon of vodka.

Out come half the dishes I own, the skittle bag is ripped open, and they sit there for the next half hour sorting them into their like colors. (these happen to be the sour skittles)

Gotta drink the 8 bottles water in between a half case of beer, otherwise they won't have anything to put their elixir in when the time comes.
Oops, your only supposed to use 8 oz bottles, and these are 12. Doubling the recipe, drinking more beer.
After everything got sorted out, skittles in, vodka in, shake shake shake, we have come up with something that looks to me like tempura paint. And your going to drink this???
Apparently after the skittles melt, you strain the goo out, and then it's the real deal. I'm wondering though...wouldn't it have been easier to just pop a handful of that rainbow skittly goodness in your mouth, swish with the vodka and swallow? I think we're wasting time here people!
The next day:
The skittle goo is strained into a coffee filter until the sugary stuff is gone, and now we're left with the part your supposed to drink.
I was dubious. After all I do remember mentioning that this stuff looks like tempura paint.

That night:
As per our usual Saturday night, most of "my" 10 kids were here. (I would like to add that they are all over the age of 21 here folks, so don't get your dander up)
Out comes the skittle vodka, and I am the first to test it out. Into the shot glass, and down the hatch. By gawd, it's wonderful! So wonderful in fact, that I am more than willing to take a shot of each of the rainbow colors..............more than once.

I should mention here that I do not drink hard alcohol very much. I never take straight shots.
After tasting the rainbow, I giggled all night, and at 2am thought it would be a wonderful idea to play badmitton. I do not own a badmitton set, which was probably all for the better, as I was reminded the last time I got this giggly, I almost killed someone trying to play horseshoes at 2am. (They never forget the things you want them too, do they?)
I love skittle vodka!

I'm going to cheat and send you over to "Mix That Drink" where the vodka tutorial is that was used for this blog. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to Buy Booze for CHEAP!

My Stockpile--->
With our economy going down the toilet, half of America layed off, or about to be, I thought i would share "How To Get Alcohol For Less Than Half Of What You're Paying In Your Local Grocery Store" Yes, seriously. I am The Goddess, you may worship me.
You know all those beverage distributors in your town/city? Yeah, the ones that actually get all that delicious booze, and send it on to your local market with a price up that makes you want to gouge your eyes out, but your still going to pay it? Yep, that place.
I bet most of you don't know that they have what they call "dock sales" at least once a week to get rid of their surplus, damaged, or almost to the pull date items. OMG. I've got your attention now, don't I? ((please continue worshipping))
Yank out that phone book, and give them a call. Find out when their dock sales are, get your butt down there, and feel the burn waiting in line for your turn.
I've been doing this for the past two years, and believe me, it's worth it.
Lucky for me, my eldest son works for a distributor, so I don't have to wait in line, due to "employee day". ~insert Angels singing here~ Of course I can only get 10 cases of booze a week, unlike public days where I've seen people put palettes of beer in their rigs and drive away happy.
I don't know what prices are like in your town, but I'll give you some examples of what I'm paying here.
Domestic Beers:
Coors, Miller, Keystone, Milwaukee's Best, blah blah blah 6 bucks for a 24 or 30 pack. (did you faint? a month ago, they were only 4 bucks a case.)
Imports: 8 bucks a case
Pop: Sunkist, A&W Roobeer, 7 Up, etc.,I paid 1 dollar (yes one whole dollar) for 8 - 2 liters last week. This week, it was 3 dollars for 8. Oh, the inflation.
Energy drinks..they got em.
Wine, it's there.

So, if you want cheap beer, and are willing to waste away a couple hours waiting in line, go check it out! Let me know what kind of deals you're getting in your own hometown...yes I'll be here waiting for your undying gratitude ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Rash From Hell

I have been suffering a horrible itchy disgusting rash for the past three weeks, that has spread from a little patch on my wrist, to both insides of my elbows and my eyelids. (and now....*whispers* my butt crack) The only thing I could think of was that these pesky little sugar ants that have invaded my house were sneaking in my bed at night and using me as the all you can eat buffet. No one else was being bothered, but I couldn't think of anything else it could be. My eyelids were practically swollen shut, and itched terribly.That, I thought could be attributed to allergies. But I only have summer allergies, which in Oregon, equates to July and August, then we're back to crap weather. (I put that part in because I Iike to complain alot.)
So last night while I was standing in the garage scratching myself silly while I was smoking and drinking a frosty malt beverage, I had an epiphany. I wonder if I have poison oak! I've never had it before, so I had no clue what it looks like in rash form.
I called my Dad the next day, because 2 months before, he was whacking down his poison oak bush (tree?) and got it all over him for the third year in a row. (The man never learns.) He was all cleared up before I allowed him in my presence, so didn't think anything of it. Oh yeah. It's poison oak. He's got it again from god knows what. The oils must of still been on something that he brushed up against, then I touched whatever diseased part was infected, and now I'm all gross and disgusting. Thanks for sharing Dad :)
I feel better knowing what it is now though, and I look great in calamine pink. (That one spot under my eye makes me look especially hot when I have to go out in public.)
I'm not sure what to do about my eyelids though. I heard you can use alcohol, but that doesn't seem like a viable solution, as I value my eyesight.
Any fellow sufferers out there that have some advice?


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recycler's Unite!

Are you a recycling fanatic? Are you one of those people who look at something and go hmMm, I wonder what I should do with this? Or are you one of those people who throw absolutely everything in the trash with no regard to mounting land fills full of reusable crap? (Shame on you.)
I found this great site on recycling, that showed me things I didn't even know could be recycled, and I recycle more than anyone I know. (I have a 64 gallon recycle bin that is brimming for my twice a month pick up, and a 32 gallon trash can that's picked up twice a month with very little in it..even with 5 people and 3 cats in our household!)
Wonder what to do with your old Christmas lights?
How about old cd's and dvd's?
Deodorant sticks?
Prescription medication?
Fire extinguishers?
Holiday cards?
Nail clippers?
Six-pack rings?
Smoke detectors?
And so much more!
C'mon, let's get to putting this stuff where it belongs. Clicky to see how at "How To Recycle Anything an A to Z Guide". over at Real I bet there's a few things that even you didn't know could be recycled. Like just about everything I listed? Yeah, I was amazed too.
And inspired :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Jewelry?...For Real??

So you say you like sterling silver jewelry? You say you like FREE sterling silver jewelry? Have I found a site for you! I was perusing blogs the other day, and stumbled upon one that was talking about this site that offers free jewelry, and all you have to pay for is shipping. I love silver jewelry! I was immediately intrigued.
Of course my first thought was, why would someone give you jewelry for free, unless it's so crappy that they can't get rid of the stuff any other way.
So I clicked the little link and was directed to The Silver Jewelry Club, and this is what they have to say:
"This web site is a promotion to introduce our company and gain exposure. We know that you'll be delighted when you experience our unique line of jewelry, and would consider our full catalog site for your future jewelry needs. Get as many items as you like for free and come back for more — there are no catches and no limits."
MMm Hmmm...
The free jewelry selections change every oh, I dunno 20 minutes or so?
I saw a pretty garnet ring, and thought what the hell, It's only $6.99 for shipping, what could I possibly be out if it's not to my liking.
Easy as pie to order, the ring was here within a week in a pretty little gift bag, and guess what? It's gorgeous! In fact, it looks better than my wedding ring. (how sad is that?)
I've worn it for the past three weeks constantly, showering, washing dishes, etc. etc., and it's still sparkly and pretty. That's the real test for me..can it hold up to water, cleansers, me beating it on every surface in my house? Why yes it can!
So if your interested in a new bauble, necklace, earrings, rings, click on over to The Free Silver Jewelry Club and get yourself, a pretty...and don't forget to come back and thank me...;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exploring The Oregon Coast

Since I haven't blogged in quite some time, I thought I would start out my new year (a little late) writing about the Oregon Coast. If you haven't been, are thinking about going, feel like someday you might like to visit, don't know where to go...I'm going to show you a few places. Hang onto your seats, and let's explore.
My husband and I were fortunate enough to get away from it all this weekend, and head for the beach. We always stay in Yachats (pronounced Ya-Hots) which is 26 miles north of Florence. It's a tiny little town, but quite the charmer. I love it there. There are 3 motels within a stones throw of each other and all have rooms with ocean views. (There are of course many more, but these three have always caught my eye) We always stay at The Fireside, because its's cheaper than The Adobe and The Overleaf Lodge. It's an older motel, but it's cozy, and some of the rooms come with a fireplace. How romantic is that? They have also recently become pet friendly, which is a big plus for alot of you pet owners out there. And you can't beat the view!
~~View from The Fireside Motel~~

This trip we decided that we would head north from Yachats and check out some state parks up to Newport.
Our first stop was Beachside. Family friendly, easy to get to the beach from the parking lot, but not alot to see here. A great spot for families and those with pets, as it is flat sandy beach for quite a ways. I was looking for more adventure, so it wasn't that thrilling for me.
~~Beachside Park~~

Second stop; Driftwood Beach. We didn't even get out of the car here, because it looked exactly like Beachside. Wide flat sandy beaches. Great for kids and pets, but not much to do.
Third stop we pulled off the side of the road to gaze at Seal Rock. Wow! Now that's what I'm talking about. This one was worth getting out of the car for. They have nice trails to walk on, and some trail decks to take in the view from the top. For those of us feeling a bit more adventurous, you can take a trail to the bottom and explore the tidal pools and feel tiny next to these monsterous rocks. Warning. The trail down is STEEP, and there are no handrails. Not good for the little ones, or those afraid of heights. I am afraid of heights. I almost cried going down, and clung to my husbands arm waiting for sweet death to take me. The trip back up almost made my lungs explode, so I didn't really have time to worrry about dying at that point. (Damn my smoker lungs)
~~looking from Highway 101~~

~~This rock is huge..can you see my hubby?~~

~~more Seal Rock~~

~~more Seal Rock~~

Off to Newport. Walked around Old Towne for a bit, but I'm not really one of those shopper kind of people, so this didn't thrill me much. You can get fresh seafood right off the boats if you like, and there are restaurants galore. The kids might be interested in The Undersea Gardens , Ripley's Believe It Or Not, The Wax Works Living Museum, or just watching the Stellar Sea Lions that are lounging underneath the docks waiting for someone to drop a morsel. (I commented to my husband that all the racket they were making sounded like dinnertime at our house...hee hee)
It was getting late by this time, and I really wanted to go to Agate Beach before we had to head back to the motel. There are no signs marking Agate Beach if your headed north, so we missed it by miles. There was however a sign pointing out Otter Crest so that was our new destination. I didn't see any otters, but that could be because it's a sheer cliff 500 feet above the ocean. I did not take any pictures here, because I only made it about 10 feet onto the viewing area and thought I was going to throw up. I reiterate my fear of heights here. Hubby took a few photo's and I begged to leave. ack! This place is also probably more commonly known as Cape Foulweather. Apparently it is not a rare occurance for the winds to hit 100mph here. Glad the sun was out today.

We saw the sign for Agate Beach on our way back, but the fog was coming in, and it would be dark before we got back to the motel anyways. (and my tummy was still in knots) It was a beautiful day, we took lots of photos and I was ready to plop in a chair and drink some beer. Sunday was more typical of coastal weather here...20 mile an hour winds, rain and fog. I feel really lucky that we were able to get in a great day Saturday.
I'll be writing about the coast again and sharing some pictures going from Yachats South to Florence next time. Don't forget to tune in!