Monday, December 15, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightening..

Our giant snow storm finally hit last night. There might be two inches out there. Supposedly, all this was supposed to happen on Friday and Saturday, with the worst being last night. Nothing happened Friday or Saturday night other than a raging party, and a little bit of rain.
This morning on the other hand was a tad bit sketchy. Not much snow, but underneath is a sheet of ice, which was terribly deceiving until I got onto the freeway to take the eldest to work. It took me 30 minutes to drive 3 miles. Granted, I was only going 12 miles an hour, and that was as fast an anyone needed to go. The rear end of my Kia Sorento tried to catch up with the front on two occasions. I almost had a heart attack. There were two accidents in those 3 miles, but they didn't look serious. (Their rear end probably tried to catch up with them too). I'm glad I left a half hour early.
Texted the hubby to see if he made it to work okay, and he was still driving/sliding. He left over an hour ago, and only had to drive 12 miles.
Supposedly more snow this morning, and then a high of 30F. (it's 21 right now) Tomorrow it's sunny with a high of 23. Bet it's going to be slick then too. Ick.

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