Monday, December 8, 2008

Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer Part Two: Pork Loin

Yep, the hubby and I are at it again. Today we experiment with pork loin.
4-1/2 pound pork loin
garlic powder
black pepper
and sea salt
sprinkled over the top of pork loin

Don't forget to put the foil in your drip tray so you can use up all those yummy juices for gravy.

The instruction book says that pork cooks at 35 minutes per pound, so in theory this puppy should take 2 hours and 35 minutes. Actual cooking time varies depending on outdoor temperatures, and right now it's 45 degrees fahrenheit. I will be forgiving if takes a few more minutes.

Start time: 3:40pm
3:50 you can all ready hear it sizzling in there.
What it looks like after a mere hour:

(This baby is great for all us outdoor cigarette smokers can hover over it for heat, while inhaling all those lovely toxins...**from the cigarettes, not the meat, people!**...oh the bonuses!)
5:15 the thermometer is reading at 170 degrees F, which is the temp pork is supposed to be done, then paranoia set in. Can you really trust a meat thermometer? Okay, can you really trust two? If it's ready, it only took about an hour and a half. That's way faster than the 35 minutes a pound the book advises, so we let it cook for another half an hour just to be sure.
Took it out at 5:40, yep it's definitely done. Probably should of trusted the two thermometers and took it out the first time it said it was done. Tented it for 20 minutes, since the rest of our meal wasn't anywhere near ready, but no harm done!
It's crispy on the outside, and still tender and juicy on the inside. I can see where you could inject this, and fill it with even more flavor, but it was absolutely superb with just the dusting of herbs and spices. Yep, another keeper. Thanks Char-Broil!


Anonymous said...

If I may, think of the sides of The Big Easy as emitters of the infrared (come to think of it - they are) and the meat will cook best when placed equa-distant from it. Kinda like a rotisserie. so next time you cook a long roast like that - use a skewer to suspend it down the middle of the cooking chamber...

Thanks. CB
(writer/editor of Sizzle on the Grill - sponsored by Char-Broil, makers of The Big Easy.)

DJ said...

Thanks for the tips CB! Very helpful for us beginners. Planning on trying a couple chickens this weekend..wish me luck!