Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

I haven't been home much for the past week or so, and then I went camping for the weekend, so Monday was going to be the big day to get my house cleaned up and ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Silly me, what was I thinking?
I did manage to take back a bazillion beer/pop cans to the grocery store for my deposits while it was a chilly 30 degree's this morning. (I hate those can machines. I couldn't feel my hands after the first 10 minutes.) Got home, and got started on one of the bathrooms. Got that aaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost done when the phone rang, and my Mom asked if I could replace the titanium beads on her ears.
Please feel free to refer to my Ear Reflexology blog, if you've got no idea what I'm talking about. Of course I was happy to, since she is my trainer, and I haven't got to get any hands on training yet. She wasn't here 5 minutes when the front door pops open, and one of "my" boys barges through with two banquet dinners in his hand, ready for his breakfast. Youngest son and his girlfriend get up, and one of my other girls shows up, all within about 15 minutes. Now I have an audience that is jabbering the whole time i'm trying to learn and concentrate.
And boy am I slow. I only finished the ear zapping part by the time it was time for me to go pick up my eldest from work. That done, back to putting the beads on her ears. I did an ok job, but I can certainly tell I'm going to need alot of practice. And more practice I got. I zapped the eldest's ears, and in the meantime made the youngests girlfriend late for work because like I said, I'm slow, and she needed a ride. Back home again. Then Mr. Banquet dinner decided that since everyone else was getting their ears done, he wanted to do it too. I got him about three quarters done, and my hands started shaking. I do believe I should of eaten something today. no time!
Got him finished up, all of my moms gear packed and into her car so she could get home, took the eldest to the store, then I had to cut the youngest sons hair. By the time I finished that, it was 4pm, I'm starving, still don't have time to eat, and it's time to start dinner for the kids.
Came up with something that only takes about 45 minutes to get on the table, fed the herd, and then hubby is home from work. Thank god! Beer Thirty starts when he gets in the driveway. Popped the tab on my first beverage, gave up on eating, or getting anything cleaned in the house, and said screw it. I've never heard of Manic Tuesday, so let's hope tomorrow goes alot smoother.

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