Monday, November 10, 2008

Ear Reflexology

Titanium Beads-------->
Today I started my training in Auricular Therapy. I just had to use that big word because it makes me sound important. In other words I'm training to work in ear reflexology. I'm so excited!
What is ear reflexology? To put it into base terms, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, your outer ears are a map of your entire body.
Everything in your body, is represented by a point on the ear. Most people are familiar with accupuncture, and this works on the same principle, except your not balancing out the body with needles, your using a pointer that delievers a mild electrical pulse to points in the ear that correspond with a point in the body. If it's tender, or the pointer indicates a "weak" spot, a titanium bead is applied to that specific area to help restore the balance in that particular area.
Now you might think this is a bunch of hooey, but I've seen it in action, and I've seen how it's helped quite a few people in my own family.
My Mother started therapy several months ago. This is a woman who suffers from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis so bad that on many days it's all she can do to get out of bed, and when she can, she normally needs to walk with a cane. She is also dealing with a great deal of depression over losing her beloved husband and father within months of each other. Today, believe it or not, (and really, it still blows my mind) she walks cane free...or should I say bounces! She has more energy than I have ever seen. She sings, she dances, her eyes light up, her Fibromyalgia pain has lessened, and so has the Arthritis. And what's really strange.. her hearing has improved! (She has 70% hearing loss) She even looks younger.
My youngest son who has suffered with chronic back pain for years felt no pain in less than 24 hours. He is being treated for depression, and feels like he has a new outlook on life. He see's the glass as half full instead of half empty.
My Uncle, who for the last 5 years has had terrible hemorrhoids, and was considering surgery, was hemorrhoid free the next day. He has told my mother that "both assholes" are happier than they have ever been...*lol*
My husband The Unbeliever, has seen the light with everyone else feeling improvements, and asked to be treated. He screwed up his back in his early 20's, and is in constant pain. He also has a lot joint pain. He too in less than 24 hours, had no pain for the first time in 25 years. And he's sleeping at night. (oh miracle of miracles!)
I've had the therapy done to myself twice now to treat my Fibromyalgia, and some "women" problems, and have also seen improvements. Mine hasn't been the dramatic improvement the others have seen, but I am feeling some changes! I know if I continue with it, I'll be as good as new.
The therapist who treated me actually put it in a good perspective. Her theory is that if your brain grew a healthy body part to begin with, it still knows how. If you didn't have a symptom just one day in your life, then there is still a memory in there, and it's just a matter of reminding the brain, and giving it a chance to fix the problem.
How can you not want to learn something so spectacular?
I think my Mom will be pleased when I'm finally trained. She has so many clients right now she can't see straight, and she just finished her training!
I've got quite alot of reading to do, so what am I doing sitting here? Bragging, that's what I'm doing! I feel great!

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