Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ear Reflexology CRASH!

Continuing on with my ear reflexology experiences. At my first visit, the therapist that did my ears mentioned that if you couldn't continue with your therapy, you really shouldn't have it done until you could come back on a regular basis. Her recommendation was every week. If you didn't, you could go through what she called a "crash." I got the basic concept; you would go back to your pre-therapy condition, and feel worse than you did before you started treatment. Gotcha.
Last week, my titanium beads were sliding around all over the place on my ears, so I took them all off thinking that I would get over to my mothers place (who has finished her training as an ear therapist) to get them re-done within the next day or two.
Things happened, she was busy, I was busy, and by the 3rd day of removal, I knew EXACTLY what a crash was. ugh! Did I really feel this bad before I started therapy? I had been feeling so good and didn't even know, it so it happened so gradually. I didn't really notice that all these horrible pains were really gone, until BOOM they were back. I wasn't sleeping. I was having night sweats causing me to feel like I was melting in bed. My restless leg syndrome was back, my back and shoulders were killing me, the headaches were back, and I would get out of bed feeling like a mac truck had run me over, and still I had to get through the day. Yeah, that was a typical day/night for me for absolutely years and years. And I hadn't even noticed that they were gone! The body is an amazing thing.
I told my mother how I had been feeling on day 4, but didn't want her to to feel like she had to rush to get me done. She had been beadless for a few days herself, and wasn't feeling too hot either. Thank god she knew exactly what I was going through, so after she finished her appointments for the day and took a power nap, I was on her doorstep!
Sweet relief! I could of kissed her feet...except at the time I couldn't get down that far.
I had high hopes of having a good nights sleep that night, but it didn't happen. sweating, tossing, turning, trying to find a dry spot to roll over in. It took 3 days for me to feel better. Ick. I am SO NOT waiting that long again when my beads are removed. Harmonize my dear body, harmonize!

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