Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heart Strings and Puppies

The youngest has been texting all morning trying to convince me that a little puppy he has found at a work site needs a new home. With us.
Someone out there mentioned that this area is well known for people throwing out animals they don't want. Great.
I would like to stress (and heavily) that people who abandon pets should be shot. If you don't want your animal to have babies....then get them SPAYED/NEUTERED BEFORE they reproduce. Jesus Freaking Christ. I about have a stroke every time Spring and Fall gets here and there are 15 more kittens with no homes wandering around my neighborhood, starving. This is why I have the two female cats that I have that I didn't want. A stray sat that wasn't spayed. WHICH out of the kindness of my purse strings I took down to GET SPAYED after she gave birth on my front porch, so she wouldn't be a walking kitten factory. (she ultimately crossed the freeway two weeks later and was killed)
I don't know why people think these puppies and kittens can fend for themselves. Or maybe they just don't care. I hate all of you.
And now I have to deal with all the tears and sadness by having to be mean and say no, we can't have another animal.
I still feel like a big meanie. He wants this dog so bad. Unfortunately, I have to think about the three cats we all ready have. Mischief, my 14 year old NEUTERED male, would probably have a stroke himself if he saw a dog in the house. Which brought up my other points to my tender hearted son.
  • I do not believe in leaving dogs strictly outdoors. We have rain 9 months out of the year, and I don't think it's fair for any pet not to be around their "pack", or have to sit in a dog house because it's wet and nasty, and no one will come out to play. A dog cannot come in our house because Mischief freaks and sprays on anything that might smell like a dog.

  • He also works all day. I don't want to take care of a dog until he gets home.

  • He will be moving out on his own next summer. It's really really hard to find an apartment that will take a soon to be large dog.

  • I had to clean up 5 different cat barfs this morning (one of which I stepped in) and I'm not really in the mood to even think about the responsibility of raising another animal.
I have a feeling that in two more hours I'm going to see more tears when he walks through the door, and I'm going to feel even worse. I have valid points! I won't back down, but i'm still going to feel like the ultimate witch. I need a beer.

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