Monday, October 6, 2008

The Powers That Be

I was taking my usual route on the freeway today to pick up the eldest son from work when I saw warning signs that there was a wreck up ahead.
When I came up to the top of the overpass, a small car was half in and half out of the median. On it's top. By the look of it, I would have to say it rolled more than once. My heart did a flip flop as I asked the Powers That Be to give comfort to loved ones, and let whoever was inside be all right. I saw on the news a few minutes ago that the driver didn't make it.
Someone's life changed today.
A lot of someones.
A husband, a wife, a sister, or children? A mom, a dad, a best friend?

My day continued on. I went to the bank, stopped at the grocery store, fixed some lunch and did some laundry.
A whole network of people that belonged to the driver of the car are sitting in shock right now, trying to cope with the fact that their loved one will never come home again. Perhaps in time they will go on with their routine.
Go to the bank, only to think of the money they had saved as a couple to go on that special vacation.

The grocery store to pick up a few items only to find that unconsciously you also put your loved ones favorite cookies in there.
Quit eating lunch, because the quiet time is too much to bear alone.
Afraid to wash the sheets, or your loved ones shirt because you don't want to forget the way they smelled.
Someone's life ended today.
A lot of someones.

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