Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Weekend

I had a really great weekend for my birthday (October 10th). If you've been following along from my Pinky Swears blog, you will know that I made the *shudder* pinky swear to get my nose pierced. I did it! I was so brave!
4 of "my" kids went with me to High Priestess Piercing, where I was treated like a princess while I chose my jewel, then ushered into a room that reminded me of a doctors office. James, the man who did the piercing was so nice and low key. Thank goodness, because I was shaking something terrible on the inside, and my palms were sweating. On the outside, I was cool as a cucumber so I didn't look like a big baby in front of the 4 people that have multiple piercings, and wish they had more. (My youngest son had 7 just on his face, but only kept one when he joined the job market.)
Traditionally I was told afterward, that the piercing artist has you take a deep cleansing breath before he jabs the needle into your flesh. This didn't happen. We were chatting away, and BOOM..needle in, piercing poked through, get up and have a look. yikes! At least warn me first! Yep, it stung, and my eye watered, but it wasn't that bad. will I do it again? ARE YOU KIDDING? Once was enough thanks.

We had a party that night with all the kids...a great dinner, an awesome cake the youngest made, and lots of booze.
I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful people who care so much about me.
Thanks guys, now I know why I feed you every weekend...*lol*

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