Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Up In Flames

And as of last night when I was glued to the internet and television looking for information, it was only about 12 miles from our cabin where my husband and I have 5 acres of land. The picture I have posted today is in Crescent Lake Junction, at a little store called The Odell Sportsman where we always stop at to get ice and munchies when we go camping. If you read my blog called Labor Day Weekend, the pic posted there is the store across the street where flames are practically licking at the back door right now. From what I gather it was started by human error, (damn us humans) and has caused Highway 58 to be shut down for quite a few miles. People are being evacuated from lodges, campgrounds, and those with homes. I can't tell if the fire is travelling exactly towards the cabin, but so far it's not under control and has burned at least 600 acres. My family sat around last night staring at each other wondering if there is going to be anything left of our most favorite place in the world. My folks bought the place when I was about 8 years old, and it was recently signed over to my husband and I to carry on the legacy. (We got the new deed 2 weeks ago)
We have worked our tails off to clean the place up, adhere to new fire regulations, and of course drink copious amounts of alcohol with our friends at the end of the day.
Plans were being made to go up in October with our giant crew of hard working kids when the rains finally hit, so we could spend mega amounts of time burning all the slash piles that have been made over the summer. (<--extraordinarily long sentence) I have a terrible feeling Mother Nature may be taking care of that herself right now. No more cabin that my dad built when I was a kid, no more sleeping bunk my husband made for us when I got too old to sleep in a tent. The old outhouse with signatures of everyone who's ever taken a crap in it. And the thing that will hurt the most. A journal that has been sitting in the old bread box, with entries made by anyone who has ever come up in the last 37 or so years. The tools, bbq, tents, food, (etc) can all be replaced. The memories will still be in my head of all the good times.
Will I be able to cope with looking at a charred piece of my heart when we can go back up? I think that might sting just a little bit.
I'll update this when I have more information

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