Friday, September 26, 2008

Pinky Swears

My birthday is coming up soon (October 10th) and I'll be turning the big 45. Which is grand, I don't mind getting older, it's the face wrinkles and creaking bones I can do without.
My youngest son has been torturing me for a week with something that he has planned. He's terrible at keeping secrets, so I really didn't think he'd last this long without spilling the beans. I've gotten some scary hints. 1. We have to go someplace. 2. I'm going to meet someone I've never met that may or may not creep me out. 3. He's spent days negotiating with this person because it's my birthday. Finally he couldn't contain himself anymore last night, and in order for me to know what he/we are doing I had to pinky swear I wouldn't back out. I had to think about this for a good 10 minutes and slug back a beer. (or two)
A pinky swear! You do not break a pinky swear in this household. It is the word of God. (Or the Great Pumpkin, depends on your mind set.)
My curiosity got the better of me, so I did it. The Pinky Swear.
And what's behind curtain three? He's taking me down to High Priestess to get my nosed pierced! And he's getting a huge discount (the negotiation) and I get to pick out any jewel..ANY jewel I want. (more negotiation) Now I know why I had to pinky swear. Being the big weenie that I am, I have backed out of this at the last moment for the last two years. I have wanted a nose piercing for who knows how long, I think that they are absolutely gorgeous. On the other hand, having a man (who may or may not creep me out) with a needle, thiiiiiiiiiiis close to my face rather scares me.
I brought up the old "but what if it hurts" argument, which got me nowhere. Response: "Jesus H. Christ Mom, you've sat in a room for 2 1/2 hours getting a tattoo, do you really think you can't handle it?" (I always wondered what the "H" stands for, haven't you?)
Yes, anyways, I'm not backing out (The Great Pumpkin would not allow this) and I shall be bejewelled in two weeks.
I'll be fine after it's done. And besides, my son told me the man who may or may not creep me out has more piercings than skin, and his tongue is split like a snake, so he can move both sides independently. What is there to be afraid of?

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