Monday, September 22, 2008

Anal Bleaching.....Whaaaat?

Yes folks, you heard me right. Anal Bleaching.
I would like to back up here a bit, and say that I was not specifically on the internet looking for an anal bleaching kit. I had no idea there was such a thing. Heck, I didn't even know what a brazilian wax was until a couple weeks ago. (I really need to get out more.)
I was actually looking for party ideas for an upcoming Halloween bash that I'm going to be hosting. (no, these will NOT be the party favors)
I had landed at Extreme Pumpkins, when scrolling down I saw that this person also runs a private drugstore, caters to those looking for romantic gifts and bachelorette party items. Curiosity made me click.
and then, there it is...Anal Bleaching Cream. whaaat? "CLICK"
According to the description this is the latest cosmetic trend. Cream your anus to look younger. To Look Younger.
Phbbbbt. And all these years I've been bleaching my teeth to look great. What was I thinking??
I can just see the me of the future! Someone comes up and says "why DJ you look so much younger! What did you do?! New haircut? manicure? brazilian wax??"
Me with a new burst of confidence I didn't have before treatment: "Oh martha, no! I've been bleaching my anus!"
(Do you whip your pants down here? I haven't figured that part out yet.)
Honestly, I had to wonder if people actually bought these kind of things, but there are, and I kid you not,
Customer Reviews.
There are no before and after pictures, so I don't know if this product actually works. Why are there no before and after pictures? If your going to spend 10 bucks on something, don't you want to know if it actually works??
Okay, I'm done giggling now. NOT send me your before and after pictures. I don't think I could handle it.

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