Monday, August 4, 2008

Introductions all Around!

Time for introductions, as this is my first blog here at I'll go by DJ, (which really are my initials) because I'm not comfortable using my real name. Why? I've only met one other person in my whole life that has the same name, and OMG what if you recognized me??? And I talked about you??? or *whispers* I talked about sex? Okay, I think that about covers that intrepid thought process.
I'm a 44 year old female, married for the last 15 years to my sometimes ball and chain, and sometimes Prince Charming. That all depends on his mood. He's an Aries...need I say more?
I have two son's, the youngest being 20 - the eldest who is 23, and 10 other assorted children who adopted me, ranging in ages from 18 to 22. I see each and every one of them on a daily basis whether it's here at the house, a text or a phone call. (And I think I have time to blog?) Well, actually they are a part of the reason I'm doing this. I love them, but they drive me nuts, and I can't very well complain about them on MySpace where they would read all about it. Ooo, secrets abound!
Right now I live with 4 of the kids (or they live with me I should say..who pays the bills around here?) My own two boys..the eldest who swears he's never leaving, the youngest whom moved back in 3 months ago minus a job, plus his girlfriend, and an "adoptee" who finally got the balls to leave his girlfriend (domestic violence on her part) and had no where to go.
Then of course we have the cats. Mischief my 14 year old toothless male, Sheba (3) also known as SheBuns (I call her Hank Hill, from King of The Hill, cuz she's all gut and no butt) and her sister Petunia who could really use some therapy. Her idea of a good time is standing in front of the screen door antagonizing the weiner dog till he foams at the mouth. Yeah, there's a dog too. Adoptee kid came with the dog. His name is Solomon, but he kinda got stuck with the name "Bill" because the eldest couldn't remember his name. Now we all call him Bill. Poor dog, maybe he's the one who needs therapy.
So basically, I'm a middle aged woman stuck in a very small house with 5 other people, 3 cats and a dog. Isn't this the time of my life where everyone moves out, not in?
I can only be thankful it's summer so I can go outside and hide behind the shed and pretend I'm weeding the daisy's. I need an ipod. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat I can't hear you i'm listening to Metallica.
Running out of steam here, and by the looks of the clock, time to get out every pot and pan in the kitchen to make dinner for "The Herd" as I call them. I long for the days when I only had to cook for 3. *sigh* I wish I knew some Latin. I don't know why.
Signing off..........DJ

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