Friday, August 8, 2008

Ready for Camping?

Wasting time this morning until I feel awake enough to hit Walmart for the rest of the camping stuff I need for this weekend. I don't know why I always get stuck doing all the shopping. Already hit the stores once this week, then last night another list has to be made because we just haaaaaaaaaaaave to have all this other stuff.
All I need is a case of beer and some Cheez-Its.
I only need one cooler.
I only need one bag of clothes.
Not this weekend! The entire back of the hubby's truck is stuffed to the top of the cab. I still have to pack all the food in the back of my Kia, stuff 3 adult "kids", my mother and two dogs into the front.
I've had 4 texts this morning from people that are at work that forgot to pack something, and could I please find it and put it in the car? If we were any more organized I'd think we belonged to another family...*lol*
Should be a decent trip though. The weather isn't supposed to be scorching, and getting out of the valley should relieve my bleeding eyes and pounding head. I HATE field burning season.
Got lots of work to do too. Uncle N sent me the checklist from the forest service of what we are supposed to be doing at the cabin to conform with the new fire rules. Need to widen the drive to 12 feet, trim all the tree's to 13-1/2 feet, clean up any brush/needles/itsy bitsy twigs/pine cones. And that's just for the 150 foot+ driveway! I cry to think about all the other stuff that needs to be done within a 2 year radius. I know, 2 years! Sounds like forever, but when you have 5 acres and only get to go up during the summer it's not alot of time. There will be burn piles from hell. (that must be 20 feet from any tree's or dwellings now) sheesh.
Thank goodness for all the kids who love me and work for food up there. Just the 7 of us this weekend, but Labor Day I think we should have the full crew of 12 to 14.
More shopping.

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