Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My, What a Little Paint Can Do

I had grand plans of getting alot of much needed yard work done this weekend, since it rained all week, and got stuck painting the bathroom instead. Not that I wasn't happy about it finally getting done, I've wanted to do it forever. The youngest and I had been talking eons ago about when he moved out (as if) how he would like to do his bathroom in shades of brown. I got all excited, and brought home about 400 paint chips to peruse, and let him pick out what he thought would look good. He picked out a chocolate brown for one accent wall, and almost an oatmeal for the ceiling and other walls. Now this was a challenge, because he is partially color blind, and if he chose two colors that looked like crap together, I didn't want to hurt his feelings!
He got the bug on Saturday to paint, so we went down and got our colors mixed. Gawd, paint is expensive these days! Cost me almost $50.00 for two gallons...yipes.
And, as I knew, he got burned out about half through, and I had to finish up. Imagine.
But it looks great, and I feel like I have a very inviting room to go into, instead of those plain white walls, with glass fish staring at me. We used to have a "sea theme"...you know the kind where your children are small, and tape glow in the dark sea creatures to the wall. Yeah, not very exciting.
The hubby was kind enough to spray the louvre door a nice shade of chocolate. Thank you sweetie! After everything was finished, I asked him what he thought.
"It looks like someone pooped on the walls."
There's always a sceptic.

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