Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Think I'm Learning Japanese

I really think so...
Last night the youngest went for his first japanese lesson from our cousin by marriage who lives around the corner. Who better to learn from than someone who is Japanese!
I find it odd that she has two young boys that don't speak it. She says they aren't interested in learning. I would think being bi-lingual that as soon as they were born she would of spoke in both her native language and English naturally. She's thrilled that she finally has someone who wants to learn. I plan on learning too. Apparently it is one of the easier languages to grasp. I would really like to tell someone in Japanese to "get away from me, your armpits smell like garlic." Ah, I do have aspiring goals, do I not?
Her husband who is semi-fluent, loaned us a book which he says teaches the only real phrases we need to know. I wasn't surprised to see that it is Japanese Street Slang. *lol*
I randomly picked a page (132) and my oh my! It's all about orgasms.
And I quote "Anta mo naichatta no? Hayasugi ja nai?"
It says in English: "What, you got off already? That was quick, wasn't it?"
I really must remember this.

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