Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Morning?

This morning started out splendidly. I personally don't believe in mornings, so this one was especially nice. I always take the eldest to work in the mornings at 8am, and today was no different. What was different was the annoying beeeeeep beeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeep coming from the dash. It was telling me that the back hatch was open on my Kia Sorento. Being the extraordinary perceptive person I am, I pulled to the side of the road, got out, slammed the back hatch shut, and continued on my way. Only the beeping isn't stopping. One more try. Dammit, it's still beeping! If I slam it any harder, the windows are going to shatter. Maybe the beepie thingie in the dash is stuck and if I run over enough pot holes in the road it will shake loose and stop. This did not work. We listened to beeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeep all the way to the front door of the eldests work environment. Good gawd!
I got out again, lifted the hatch alllllll the way up this time......and what do you know. If I had done this before, I would of noticed that there was a bungee cord stuck in the way of the sensor.
I am brilliant.
After a quiet ride back home, I was feeling so jubilant that I thought I would take some cans back to the store for my deposits. Great idea, until I'm standing in the garage freaking out because this scary noise is coming from the corner. (Rabid wolverines???) I catch movement out of the corner of my eye, and the ol' heart starts a racing when Sheba (damned cat) comes clammoring over all the junk in the garage shaking so hard I'm sure all her furs going to fall out. She's crying for all she's worth, tail jittering like a flag in high winds. (the i haven't been oiled in 12 years electric garage door probably took 2 years off her life when it went up) Our cats are strictly indoor felines, and for some reason she has a fascination with places she's not allowed to go. After spending the night in the garage, I have a feeling this fascination has about burned itself out. I let her in the house and haven't seen her since.
Scaredy cat.

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