Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cheap Chicken?

The hubby and I were sitting out on the back porch last night groaning about how big our food bill has become since the kids have moved back home. He informed me that chicken is on sale at our local supermarket, and we should go pick up a few. "How can you go wrong when chicken is that cheap cheap" he says. Me: "CHEAP CHEAP"...bwah hahahahhaha! as I slapped him on the knee, get it? "CHEEP CHEEP!" After an awkward moment of eye rolling on his part, we resumed the conversation like the sane adults we are. (I so wanted him to bring up something about beef so I could tell him that it was MOO-sic to my ears...)
He also talked to his boss yesterday about his job. After talking, he decided that he'd go ahead and get the CDL and stick it out for awhile. He was apparently assured that if he had to drive truck all day, someone would actually get off their asses for once over there, and pick up the slack with will-calls, stocking, loading trucks, purchasing, etc. This seemed to make him happy, therefore it makes me happy.
I celebrated by buying a new shower curtain today at Walmart.

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