Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, and Happy/Merry to any others that I'm not familiar with! May it be a time of love and family.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightening..

Our giant snow storm finally hit last night. There might be two inches out there. Supposedly, all this was supposed to happen on Friday and Saturday, with the worst being last night. Nothing happened Friday or Saturday night other than a raging party, and a little bit of rain.
This morning on the other hand was a tad bit sketchy. Not much snow, but underneath is a sheet of ice, which was terribly deceiving until I got onto the freeway to take the eldest to work. It took me 30 minutes to drive 3 miles. Granted, I was only going 12 miles an hour, and that was as fast an anyone needed to go. The rear end of my Kia Sorento tried to catch up with the front on two occasions. I almost had a heart attack. There were two accidents in those 3 miles, but they didn't look serious. (Their rear end probably tried to catch up with them too). I'm glad I left a half hour early.
Texted the hubby to see if he made it to work okay, and he was still driving/sliding. He left over an hour ago, and only had to drive 12 miles.
Supposedly more snow this morning, and then a high of 30F. (it's 21 right now) Tomorrow it's sunny with a high of 23. Bet it's going to be slick then too. Ick.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Snow...

Today was spent getting the outside of the house ready for winter. Geraniums trimmed and in the shed, hoses disconnected, leaves raked up, yada yada yada. Supposedly this weekend we are having our first snow storm of the season. It's to rival the storm of 2003, which must of been a doozie, because I don't remember it at all. But then again, being at 700 feet above sea level here in the Willamette Valley, one snowflake is enough to turn the town upside down. Last winter we had maybe a 1/4" of snow on the ground one morning. The radio stations were jammed with phone calls about school/work closures. Good grief! I think one more snowflake fell, and it was all over the school, and if you don't have to go anywhere, don't! I guess those monstrous school buses aren't equipped for such rough terrain. Nor are humans prepared to walk through something that doesn't even reach the top of their shoes. This went on for 3 days. If you call that a horrible storm, I can't wait to see what this weekend looks like. Maybe an inch of snow? *gasp* How will we ever get through it? As Bill Engvall so elequently put it; "Hoard food, steal gas! enough snow is coming your way to make....a footprint!" Okay, that wasn't exactly how it goes, but it's close. And true.
On the other hand, the high's this weekend are not supposed to rise above freezing, so I'm not looking forward to that. At least I don't have to drive.
Monday? Well, I'm hoping for a warming trend, that doesn't seem to be heading this way. I have a 4-wheel drive, and am a very careful driver when the roads are a sheet of ice, it's the other guys I worry about. Especially the ones on cell phones. I go 20 mph., Mr. Cellphone is going 45, talking on his phone, ruffling around on the seat next to him, slides through a light and nearly side swipes me, as I'm backing up as fast as the weather will allow. Can't wait for that again. Ah, the joys of winter. Let is snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oo Ta Ta's!

Pepsi always comes out with the greatest ads, and I prefer coke...*lol*

Monday, December 8, 2008

Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer Part Two: Pork Loin

Yep, the hubby and I are at it again. Today we experiment with pork loin.
4-1/2 pound pork loin
garlic powder
black pepper
and sea salt
sprinkled over the top of pork loin

Don't forget to put the foil in your drip tray so you can use up all those yummy juices for gravy.

The instruction book says that pork cooks at 35 minutes per pound, so in theory this puppy should take 2 hours and 35 minutes. Actual cooking time varies depending on outdoor temperatures, and right now it's 45 degrees fahrenheit. I will be forgiving if takes a few more minutes.

Start time: 3:40pm
3:50 you can all ready hear it sizzling in there.
What it looks like after a mere hour:

(This baby is great for all us outdoor cigarette smokers can hover over it for heat, while inhaling all those lovely toxins...**from the cigarettes, not the meat, people!**...oh the bonuses!)
5:15 the thermometer is reading at 170 degrees F, which is the temp pork is supposed to be done, then paranoia set in. Can you really trust a meat thermometer? Okay, can you really trust two? If it's ready, it only took about an hour and a half. That's way faster than the 35 minutes a pound the book advises, so we let it cook for another half an hour just to be sure.
Took it out at 5:40, yep it's definitely done. Probably should of trusted the two thermometers and took it out the first time it said it was done. Tented it for 20 minutes, since the rest of our meal wasn't anywhere near ready, but no harm done!
It's crispy on the outside, and still tender and juicy on the inside. I can see where you could inject this, and fill it with even more flavor, but it was absolutely superb with just the dusting of herbs and spices. Yep, another keeper. Thanks Char-Broil!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Before the Thanksgiving festivities:

About 8 hours later:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer

My mom surprised my husband a few days before Thanksgiving with one of those new Infrared Turkey Cookers from Char-Broil. I'd never even heard of such a thing, so as soon as she brought it over I was yanking it out of the box like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. I still didn't know what I was looking at. The instructions told me that instead of using oil, like those scary deep fat fryers I made my husband sell at the yard sale this summer, it uses propane to cook your bird, with infrared heat. Really. Whats infrared heat? Well, I had to look it up.
I'm still not sure exactly what infrared means.....but, I'll explain it like the information I found on Amazon explains it. Maybe you'll get it more than me.

  • Ambient (ambient? I thought ambient was a mood) air mixes with propane to fuel the tube burner.

  • Flames from the burner directly transfer heat to the inner wall of the cooker.

  • 100% infrared heat radiates evenly from the circular inner walls to penetrate the food.

  • Hot air rises along the inner wall and exits at the top without drying the food.
    End of Amazon's description.

Okay. So, on Thanksgiving afternoon, the bird was brought out, caressed with a light bath of olive oil, a bit of spice, and popped into his little cage. (maximum bird size is 16 pounds) That was easy. Of course since it's new toy, I was out with the camera making history.

This is what we look like after an hour of cooking. It all ready looks great!

After what I believe was about 2-1/2 hours, our turkey was ready to be brought out and shown off to his many admirers. (the fryer takes about 10 minutes per pound) We all ooOoh'd and AwW'd, dancing around ready for the first taste. Doesn't it look great?

Crispy outside, and tender inside.Now let me get to the taste. OH MY GAWD. I have never had a turkey that was so moist. Even my kids who prefer dark meat loaded up with the breast on their plates. Now I'm a great cook, and my oven done turkeys are anything but dry. But this?! That oven will never be used again.
There is also a removable drip pan underneath the Char-Broil to collect those wonderful juices (which made the best gravy I can remember) but beware it is not food safe, so line it with some foil.
I can now hear the clammoring of all you die hard oil turkey fryer people. And now I shall give my reasons for not using ours anymore. It uses too much oil, and it's expensive. Yep, you can use the oil more than once (depending on what your cooking) BUT the husband person never felt it was worth cleaning out. At the time I sold ours, the oil in it was from superbowl 2007. Mm hm. Number 2, where the heck are you supposed to get rid of all that oil? I still have three 5 gallon used jugs that have been sitting in my garage since 2005. Mm hm.
Number 3. It scares the shit out of me! I know, I know, if you use them according to the instructions it's as safe as can be. Did I mention that by the time the head chef around here is ready to do anything, he's got about a half case a beer in his gut? Mm hm.
I'd also like to mention that unlike oil fried birds, you can (and we did) use a dry rub. You can also inject your bird. Plus, you can do roasts, chicken, and I even saw one site that some guy rigged up a shelf system so he could do buffalo wings. Oh my, heaven. If your interested in anymore information I'd suggest checking out Amazons site.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

I haven't been home much for the past week or so, and then I went camping for the weekend, so Monday was going to be the big day to get my house cleaned up and ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Silly me, what was I thinking?
I did manage to take back a bazillion beer/pop cans to the grocery store for my deposits while it was a chilly 30 degree's this morning. (I hate those can machines. I couldn't feel my hands after the first 10 minutes.) Got home, and got started on one of the bathrooms. Got that aaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost done when the phone rang, and my Mom asked if I could replace the titanium beads on her ears.
Please feel free to refer to my Ear Reflexology blog, if you've got no idea what I'm talking about. Of course I was happy to, since she is my trainer, and I haven't got to get any hands on training yet. She wasn't here 5 minutes when the front door pops open, and one of "my" boys barges through with two banquet dinners in his hand, ready for his breakfast. Youngest son and his girlfriend get up, and one of my other girls shows up, all within about 15 minutes. Now I have an audience that is jabbering the whole time i'm trying to learn and concentrate.
And boy am I slow. I only finished the ear zapping part by the time it was time for me to go pick up my eldest from work. That done, back to putting the beads on her ears. I did an ok job, but I can certainly tell I'm going to need alot of practice. And more practice I got. I zapped the eldest's ears, and in the meantime made the youngests girlfriend late for work because like I said, I'm slow, and she needed a ride. Back home again. Then Mr. Banquet dinner decided that since everyone else was getting their ears done, he wanted to do it too. I got him about three quarters done, and my hands started shaking. I do believe I should of eaten something today. no time!
Got him finished up, all of my moms gear packed and into her car so she could get home, took the eldest to the store, then I had to cut the youngest sons hair. By the time I finished that, it was 4pm, I'm starving, still don't have time to eat, and it's time to start dinner for the kids.
Came up with something that only takes about 45 minutes to get on the table, fed the herd, and then hubby is home from work. Thank god! Beer Thirty starts when he gets in the driveway. Popped the tab on my first beverage, gave up on eating, or getting anything cleaned in the house, and said screw it. I've never heard of Manic Tuesday, so let's hope tomorrow goes alot smoother.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cat Pee & Feliway Treatment

The Culprits, Petunia and Sheba--------->
For those of you familiar with my blog about my 3 year old kitty girls who have a thing for peeing on my kitchen counters, and my experiment with Feliway, I have an update. For those of you unfamiliar with said kitties, and their fetish for peeing on my kitchen counters, please feel free to back up a bit and check out Counter Attack!
Or if your too lazy to do that, let's just get down to business, and get to the Feliway part all ready.
What is it? It's a pheromone spray; cats produce pheromones in three parts of their bodies. The pheromones from their cheeks give the friendly message of "Hi there, I like you, I'm happy." The pheromones that come out with their urine and feces are very different and tell other cats "Hey buddy, this is my territory." So they sell this spray called Feliway that uses the happy pheromones to use where they have been peeing inappropriately.
Does it work? YES! I am happy to say that since I started using it about 2 months ago, YES YES YES, it does. Oh thank the Cat Gods. I have only found one "accident" (and I use that term loosely) and it wasn't in the corner of the kitchen where I have been using the spray. Sadly, Sheba and or Petunia, somehow hiked her furry ass between the microwave and the full dish drainer, and let er rip. EwWw.
So now I'm spraying there too.
Just in case your wondering, the Feliway doesn't have a smell to it that us humans can perceive, and it comes in a pretty small spray bottle, (75ml) but really, that seems to be all you need. There is enough spray to last you a month. (or if your like me, more than that, because I forget to use it on occasion)
I originally found this product at Cat Faeries, and I would suggest checking them out if for nothing more than the loads of information they have on their site. As far as the price, I got the Feliway through Amazon, which placed me at Absolutely Pets and got a far better price. ($14.45) Not too shabby, considering I was probably spending that much on paper towels, Enzyme eating pee in a bottle, bleach, and therapy for the way it made me psycho every month.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Salt: Friend or Foe?

My family has been following a low sodium diet for about 2 years now, due to some high blood pressure problems. Plus, it seems to be all over the news about how we need very little salt in our diets, blah blah blah. My hubby and I have learned to re-cook just about everything. It hasn't been easy, or in the beginning tasty. I have had to spend numerous hours in the grocery stores looking at nutritional labels for absolutely everything I buy. (Don't even get me started on all that cholesterol stuff! mono, poly, saturated, I know it all. Ugh.)
I had been having some problems in the last few months with the all mighty leg cramps, when my mother brought to my attention that I had this problem many many moons ago when I didn't have enough salt in my diet. I had forgotten about that, and took it into consideration, then forgot all about it. I don't know how you can forget something like that, when your legs are seizing, but I did.
Not too long ago Mom and I made a trip to the health food store to pick up a few things (One being herbs to help the leg cramps..this was way before my ear reflexology therapy, I'm just slow at pumping out blogs sometimes) and on our way out we got our freebie "Better Nutrition" magazine. Right there on the first page is an article about Salt. Friend or Foe. I had to read it about 40 times, then had to kick myself in the ass for believing yet again, Doctors (who are only out there to make money off your phobias) the media, who aren't any better, and of course food producers, who charge you up the ass for the lower sodium versions of their products, that really aren't any healthier for you, if you look at the labels. And processed foods..they shouldn't even be legal! Ahem.
Instead of me trying to rehash the whole article in my own words, I'm just going to reprint it here, because it's worth seeing the whole thing if your concerned about your sodium intake.

  • SALT: FRIEND OR FOE by Vera Tweed
    Eating too much salt raises blood pressure, increases risk for heart disease, and ultimately shortens life, right?
    Not exactly. While excess salt may raise blood pressure, some research shows that people who eat more salt live longer.
    In a recent study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, researches at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, Bronx N.Y., studied the impact of various amounts of salt in the diets of 8,700 adults over the age of 30. Researchers found that people who ate the least amount of sodium (less than 2,060 mg daily) were 80% more likely to die from heart disease than those who consumed the most (4,048 to 9,946 mg daily).
    "Our findings suggest that for the general adult population, higher sodium is very unlikely to be independently associated with higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease or all other causes of death," says Hillel Cohen, DrPH, lead author of the study. Cohen does not advocate increasing salt intake as a health promoting strategy, but at the same time, he sees no reason for healthy people with normal blood pressure to cut back on salt.
    But because of the chemicals and additives used in table salt's refining process, may health experts agree that unrefined salt, such as sea salt, may might be a better choice. "When people use unrefined salt, there is no increase in blood pressure," notes David Brownstein, MD author of Salt Your Way to Health. "Refined salt has only 2% mineral content, whereas unrefined has 80-plus different kinds of minerals." If you do decide to use only unrefined salt, use an iodine supplement; table salt is a leading source of iodine which helps prevent goiter.
    How much salt is right for you? Factually, no one knows. The U.S. government estimates that adults need at least 500 mg daily and recommends no more than 2,400 mg per day. On average, Americans consume 3,000 to 4,000 mg daily. However, individual needs vary, and salt affects blood pressure to different degrees in different people.

  • Avoiding Pitfalls:
    Processed foods, not saltshakers, account for three-quarters of the sodium in American diets. A wholesome diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, fish, nuts, and uncured meat promotes health...and also happens to be relatively low in sodium.
    Correctly or not, salt has been targeted as unhealthful, and consumer demand has encouraged manufacturers of processed foods to invent lower sodium products, such as potato chips. The health impact of these foods depend on what you do with them, of course. If certain potato chips contain less salt, will you eat more of them?

  • Sodium Facts:
    Sodium is an essential nutrient for balancing fluids in our bodies, transmitting nerve impulses, and enabling muscles to contract and relax. Symptoms of sodium depletion as a result of physical activity in a hot environment include sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps.
    The End

So what do you think? I'd like to hear your opinions on this article. Is salt friend or foe? Is sodium as big an issue in other countries as it is here in America?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ear Reflexology CRASH!

Continuing on with my ear reflexology experiences. At my first visit, the therapist that did my ears mentioned that if you couldn't continue with your therapy, you really shouldn't have it done until you could come back on a regular basis. Her recommendation was every week. If you didn't, you could go through what she called a "crash." I got the basic concept; you would go back to your pre-therapy condition, and feel worse than you did before you started treatment. Gotcha.
Last week, my titanium beads were sliding around all over the place on my ears, so I took them all off thinking that I would get over to my mothers place (who has finished her training as an ear therapist) to get them re-done within the next day or two.
Things happened, she was busy, I was busy, and by the 3rd day of removal, I knew EXACTLY what a crash was. ugh! Did I really feel this bad before I started therapy? I had been feeling so good and didn't even know, it so it happened so gradually. I didn't really notice that all these horrible pains were really gone, until BOOM they were back. I wasn't sleeping. I was having night sweats causing me to feel like I was melting in bed. My restless leg syndrome was back, my back and shoulders were killing me, the headaches were back, and I would get out of bed feeling like a mac truck had run me over, and still I had to get through the day. Yeah, that was a typical day/night for me for absolutely years and years. And I hadn't even noticed that they were gone! The body is an amazing thing.
I told my mother how I had been feeling on day 4, but didn't want her to to feel like she had to rush to get me done. She had been beadless for a few days herself, and wasn't feeling too hot either. Thank god she knew exactly what I was going through, so after she finished her appointments for the day and took a power nap, I was on her doorstep!
Sweet relief! I could of kissed her feet...except at the time I couldn't get down that far.
I had high hopes of having a good nights sleep that night, but it didn't happen. sweating, tossing, turning, trying to find a dry spot to roll over in. It took 3 days for me to feel better. Ick. I am SO NOT waiting that long again when my beads are removed. Harmonize my dear body, harmonize!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ear Reflexology

Titanium Beads-------->
Today I started my training in Auricular Therapy. I just had to use that big word because it makes me sound important. In other words I'm training to work in ear reflexology. I'm so excited!
What is ear reflexology? To put it into base terms, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, your outer ears are a map of your entire body.
Everything in your body, is represented by a point on the ear. Most people are familiar with accupuncture, and this works on the same principle, except your not balancing out the body with needles, your using a pointer that delievers a mild electrical pulse to points in the ear that correspond with a point in the body. If it's tender, or the pointer indicates a "weak" spot, a titanium bead is applied to that specific area to help restore the balance in that particular area.
Now you might think this is a bunch of hooey, but I've seen it in action, and I've seen how it's helped quite a few people in my own family.
My Mother started therapy several months ago. This is a woman who suffers from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis so bad that on many days it's all she can do to get out of bed, and when she can, she normally needs to walk with a cane. She is also dealing with a great deal of depression over losing her beloved husband and father within months of each other. Today, believe it or not, (and really, it still blows my mind) she walks cane free...or should I say bounces! She has more energy than I have ever seen. She sings, she dances, her eyes light up, her Fibromyalgia pain has lessened, and so has the Arthritis. And what's really strange.. her hearing has improved! (She has 70% hearing loss) She even looks younger.
My youngest son who has suffered with chronic back pain for years felt no pain in less than 24 hours. He is being treated for depression, and feels like he has a new outlook on life. He see's the glass as half full instead of half empty.
My Uncle, who for the last 5 years has had terrible hemorrhoids, and was considering surgery, was hemorrhoid free the next day. He has told my mother that "both assholes" are happier than they have ever been...*lol*
My husband The Unbeliever, has seen the light with everyone else feeling improvements, and asked to be treated. He screwed up his back in his early 20's, and is in constant pain. He also has a lot joint pain. He too in less than 24 hours, had no pain for the first time in 25 years. And he's sleeping at night. (oh miracle of miracles!)
I've had the therapy done to myself twice now to treat my Fibromyalgia, and some "women" problems, and have also seen improvements. Mine hasn't been the dramatic improvement the others have seen, but I am feeling some changes! I know if I continue with it, I'll be as good as new.
The therapist who treated me actually put it in a good perspective. Her theory is that if your brain grew a healthy body part to begin with, it still knows how. If you didn't have a symptom just one day in your life, then there is still a memory in there, and it's just a matter of reminding the brain, and giving it a chance to fix the problem.
How can you not want to learn something so spectacular?
I think my Mom will be pleased when I'm finally trained. She has so many clients right now she can't see straight, and she just finished her training!
I've got quite alot of reading to do, so what am I doing sitting here? Bragging, that's what I'm doing! I feel great!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Tipsy Gypsy----->
What a hectic October. Not that I'm happy it's over, but sheesh, my food budget just can't handle all these get togethers. First my birthday, a week later a pumpkin carving party, and the best part of all Halloween! My favorite holiday! I've spent many a day shopping, decorating, planning and cooking for the festivities. And as you can see by the picture, I even had time to dress like the gypsy I am at heart. I LOVE St. Vincent De Paul...I got my whole outfit (minus the jewelry) for a mere $12.00. Beat that Halloween Outlet! My husband dressed as Lestat The Vampire, and his costume on the other hand probably cost me about $50.00 plus uber amounts of time sewing all these sparklie things on his jacket. He looked fantastic, even with my complete lack of sewing skills. Wait, did I say LeStat? Hmmm,*wandering thought process* I wonder how many visitors might pick up on that. Anyone here from Beauty's Castle??? That would be a kick.
Yes, anyway, the party went great. Plenty of food, and crazy dressed guests. Bananas, cats, bearded ladies, doctors, angels, rock stars, you name it. I do have to wonder why I decorate inside though. Everyone I know smokes, so the party immediately moved out to the garage which hasn't been cleaned since I moved here 12 years ago. ick. The spider webs were completely authentic, so who am I to complain?
It was a great night/morning, since the last guests didn't leave until 4am. Needless to say, the house was a complete wreck, and I didn't do a damn thing when I got out of bed at 3pm Saturday. I drank alot of Dr. Pepper, sat on the couch moaning, and was back in bed by 10pm. Good thing Halloween only comes once a year! Now it's time to start planning for the Thanksgiving get together. Then Christmas. Then New years. I need to win the lottery.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Deaf

I had grand plans of pumping out a few sentences today about my Halloween weekend, but like the best laid of plans, that crumbled at about 8am this morning.
One of "my" boys who lived with me for 4 months not too long ago, then went back to his girlfriend, landed on my front porch bright and early after leaving (in his words) "that psycho bitch" for the last time. Bravo kiddo, bravo! We shall see how long it lasts this time.
Since that time, he has set up his playstation and all the accoutrements
for the game "RockBand."
Holy crap, i'm deaf. Whaaaaaaaaaat? yeah, I'm deaf. Apparently you cannot play this game without the surround sound being on 56, and it is now 5pm. I can't hear myself think, and therefore I shall be playing catch up with the blog tomorrow when silence ensues.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Salad Fingers, I Love You!

My eldest son gave me a Salad Fingers t-shirt for my birthday this year, and I almost peed myself I was so excited. I love Salad Fingers! My son was the one that actually introduced me to this quaint character on the Internet, and I was hooked after the first episode. If your not familiar with Salad Fingers, he's this nutzoid human like green creature with really long fingers. He likes to caress rusty spoons and kettles. (who doesn't?) He has some imaginary finger puppets whom he thinks are real, and has some very in depth conversations on some surreal plane. I especially like Hubert Cumberdale. Probably because it rolls off your tongue and amuses the hell out of me. Can't get enough of Salad Fingers? Well! I just happened to have embedded the first episode for your warped entertainment. Well, more for my own entertainment, but I'll share with you too. (I'm just nice like that) Now if you will excuse me, I need to go caress my rusty spoons.
Episode 1 of Salad Fingers called "Spoons"

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Gossip Chain

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I've never been one to gossip, i'm more of a secret keeper. You tell me something in confidence, it doesn't leave my mouth. Usually I end up forgetting about it, and no one is the wiser that you even had a secret. "My Herd" on the other hand. Boy howdie. Today was like watching fire run rampant through the streets of San Fransisco.
(If your unfamiliar with My Herd, you can read introductions all around, or go with the condensed version of I have alot of kids ranging in ages from 18 to 23 that consider me mom)
So, first phone call of the morning. "OMG!" (really put some emphasis on that part) "I have to tell you something, but it's a secret, and I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but!...(dramatic pause..lowering of voice) K's pregnant. BUT DON'T TELL ANYBODY!"
I couldn't of told anybody anything anyways, I could barely get my jaw off the floor. "she wants to tell you herself..okay I gotta go..bye!"
I wish that I could put in some soap opera music here, it would be so appropriate.
10 minutes later. "Memaw? Hi, it's K. (dramatic pause, dramatic pause, dramatic pause) Um, I wanted to tell you that your going to be a Grandma...."BUT DON'T TELL ANYBODY!" Maybe it was a good thing I was prepared, or I could of accidently swallowed the phone.
I, being the good secret keeper that I am, went outside to respond, since my youngest sons girlfriend was in the same room with me at the time. I quietly told her that I really couldn't say anything, because she was here, and didn't want to give anything away. Girlfriend with gossip radar comes outside, so I mention as much without trying to be obvious. "It's okay, I was going to tell her next." (Why is this such a secret then?) I mouth that K's pregnant, and WHAM! the cellphone is out, and I can see smoke coming off the thing she's dialing so fast.
3 of the Girl Herd are alerted immediately, with OMG! in every other breath.
My phone call is ended with the promise of her coming to visit tonight so she can personally tell Pappy, since you know, this is a secret.
10 minutes later. A phone call from one of my boys who now lives about 200 miles away from me. "DID YOU HEAR????"
(Girlfriend is STILL on her cell phone probably alerting long lost aquaintances in Mongolia)
At this point it is only 11:15am, and if there's one person on the planet that doesn't know by now, it's because they didn't answer their phone. (check your voicemail!)
I was planning on having left overs for dinner tonight, but now I'm going to have to prepare a
smorgasbord of food, because I know that everyone who DOESN'T KNOW THE SECRET will be here acting all casual like, waiting for the breaking news.
I haven't told my hubby. I'm not sure if I should, it being a secret and all, and her wanting to tell him in person.
On the other hand, I'd really rather he didn't choke on his beer tonight and fall off the chair either. He has a real case of the protective daddy in him with "his girls", and will probably spontaneously sprout several more gray hairs at the news.
Ah, gossip. If this is what makes the world go round, I'll make sure to keep my mouth shut at all times. yikes.
Tonight shall be very interesting.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This One is for You Frank

My youngest son sent me this picture the other day on MySpace, and I almost cried. Frank! I didn't know that you had passed on to cheezburger heaven. (The original LOLcat) You were such an adorable kitten, you grew up, had a wonderful life, and now you are gone. But not without leaving the world a legacy. And for that, I thank you.
I Can Has Cheezburger? is one of my favorite sites on the internet. If your a die hard cat lover, you've probably been there as much as I have. Which I admit, is daily. The pictures along with misspelled captions (as if the kittehs themselves are talking) are absolutely brilliant. Plus, you can upload your own kitteh pictures and caption them, or use the bazzilions of ones they have online. I can spend hours there. Or at least a few minutes, considering I don't wait long enough for a lot of new pictures to be put up.
So with the new found news of Franks passing, I am going to put up a few pictures that I have found most amusing. At least so far!
Here's to you Frank, and all the other LOLcats.

more animals


more animals


more animals


more animals


more animals

Humorous Pictures

more animals

Humorous Pictures
more animals

more animals

Humorous Pictures
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Weekend

I had a really great weekend for my birthday (October 10th). If you've been following along from my Pinky Swears blog, you will know that I made the *shudder* pinky swear to get my nose pierced. I did it! I was so brave!
4 of "my" kids went with me to High Priestess Piercing, where I was treated like a princess while I chose my jewel, then ushered into a room that reminded me of a doctors office. James, the man who did the piercing was so nice and low key. Thank goodness, because I was shaking something terrible on the inside, and my palms were sweating. On the outside, I was cool as a cucumber so I didn't look like a big baby in front of the 4 people that have multiple piercings, and wish they had more. (My youngest son had 7 just on his face, but only kept one when he joined the job market.)
Traditionally I was told afterward, that the piercing artist has you take a deep cleansing breath before he jabs the needle into your flesh. This didn't happen. We were chatting away, and BOOM..needle in, piercing poked through, get up and have a look. yikes! At least warn me first! Yep, it stung, and my eye watered, but it wasn't that bad. will I do it again? ARE YOU KIDDING? Once was enough thanks.

We had a party that night with all the kids...a great dinner, an awesome cake the youngest made, and lots of booze.
I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful people who care so much about me.
Thanks guys, now I know why I feed you every weekend...*lol*

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aren't You The Funny One

Last night I was perusing the internet when I came across a site full of trivia that I found entertaining. I was especially impressed with one tidbit, and thought I'd share it with my family.

Me: "Did you know that If you hook Jell-O up to an EEG, it registers movements almost identical to a human adult's brain waves?"
Husband: "I know that, you're living proof."

Always the comedian, aren't you?

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Powers That Be

I was taking my usual route on the freeway today to pick up the eldest son from work when I saw warning signs that there was a wreck up ahead.
When I came up to the top of the overpass, a small car was half in and half out of the median. On it's top. By the look of it, I would have to say it rolled more than once. My heart did a flip flop as I asked the Powers That Be to give comfort to loved ones, and let whoever was inside be all right. I saw on the news a few minutes ago that the driver didn't make it.
Someone's life changed today.
A lot of someones.
A husband, a wife, a sister, or children? A mom, a dad, a best friend?

My day continued on. I went to the bank, stopped at the grocery store, fixed some lunch and did some laundry.
A whole network of people that belonged to the driver of the car are sitting in shock right now, trying to cope with the fact that their loved one will never come home again. Perhaps in time they will go on with their routine.
Go to the bank, only to think of the money they had saved as a couple to go on that special vacation.

The grocery store to pick up a few items only to find that unconsciously you also put your loved ones favorite cookies in there.
Quit eating lunch, because the quiet time is too much to bear alone.
Afraid to wash the sheets, or your loved ones shirt because you don't want to forget the way they smelled.
Someone's life ended today.
A lot of someones.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heart Strings and Puppies

The youngest has been texting all morning trying to convince me that a little puppy he has found at a work site needs a new home. With us.
Someone out there mentioned that this area is well known for people throwing out animals they don't want. Great.
I would like to stress (and heavily) that people who abandon pets should be shot. If you don't want your animal to have babies....then get them SPAYED/NEUTERED BEFORE they reproduce. Jesus Freaking Christ. I about have a stroke every time Spring and Fall gets here and there are 15 more kittens with no homes wandering around my neighborhood, starving. This is why I have the two female cats that I have that I didn't want. A stray sat that wasn't spayed. WHICH out of the kindness of my purse strings I took down to GET SPAYED after she gave birth on my front porch, so she wouldn't be a walking kitten factory. (she ultimately crossed the freeway two weeks later and was killed)
I don't know why people think these puppies and kittens can fend for themselves. Or maybe they just don't care. I hate all of you.
And now I have to deal with all the tears and sadness by having to be mean and say no, we can't have another animal.
I still feel like a big meanie. He wants this dog so bad. Unfortunately, I have to think about the three cats we all ready have. Mischief, my 14 year old NEUTERED male, would probably have a stroke himself if he saw a dog in the house. Which brought up my other points to my tender hearted son.
  • I do not believe in leaving dogs strictly outdoors. We have rain 9 months out of the year, and I don't think it's fair for any pet not to be around their "pack", or have to sit in a dog house because it's wet and nasty, and no one will come out to play. A dog cannot come in our house because Mischief freaks and sprays on anything that might smell like a dog.

  • He also works all day. I don't want to take care of a dog until he gets home.

  • He will be moving out on his own next summer. It's really really hard to find an apartment that will take a soon to be large dog.

  • I had to clean up 5 different cat barfs this morning (one of which I stepped in) and I'm not really in the mood to even think about the responsibility of raising another animal.
I have a feeling that in two more hours I'm going to see more tears when he walks through the door, and I'm going to feel even worse. I have valid points! I won't back down, but i'm still going to feel like the ultimate witch. I need a beer.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today Was A Great Day!

Spectacular even. I have been nail biting worried about my eldest sons
job being cut with a company merger that has been in the works for
months now.He found out today that his employment is secure, even if he doesn't
continue in the department he is in now. WHEW. (others were not so
lucky I'm sad to say)
I cannot even begin to express how relieved this makes me feel. It is
so difficult to find programs in our area that cater and train those
with brain injuries. It took much too long (in my sons opinion) to gain
the employment where he is now, and he didn't want to start over in
the program he was in that found him this job. He see's the world much
differently than "normal" people. Things are supposed to happen NOW.
Meetings suck, volunteer work sucks, anything that isn't bringing in
that all mighty paycheck SUCKS.
He has the best work ethic I have ever seen. Always early, never calls
in sick, does what he's supposed to do most of the time. Unfortunately
having a brain injury, he still suffers with memory problems, and has
to be re-directed and helped to focus on a regular basis. Like me,
after I've had too much coffee!
I'm really proud of him. Someday I might be able to blog about "His
Long story short, because I cannot bring myself to think about it STILL;
Back in 2001 he was coming home on the bus from his first day of
work at Goodwill, (he has some other disabilites) and when he got off
the bus, he bolted across our very busy Main street without regard for
traffic. Pedestrian versus a Camaro going 45 miles an hour.
The car won.
It hit his legs first, then his head went through the windshield.
He was on life support and in a coma for 8 days. Oh crap.
I can't write about it anymore, the memories still hurt so much.
Never the less, he lived, and I love him more than my life.
The end.
And more importantly, the begining.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rusted Root

The youngest son and I were sitting around last night watching music videos on the internet, since we have no life, and I threw out Rusted Root "Send Me On My Way" for next play. I have loved that song since it came out. It was in the movie "Ice Age," when was that?
It's one of those songs that once it gets started, you can NOT be in a bad mood. I hadn't seen the video for it before, and it was just as entertaining as the song. Not for the mere fact that nothing glorious happened in it, but because it reminded me of our large group of kids when we are all hanging out together camping. Must be something in the air up there that makes you feel like you should dance around like an idiot, and feel good about it...*lol*
I would also add here, that I sang the lyrics wrong for the first 6 months after I first heard it. In the second paragraph it goes:

Well I would like to hold my little, hand
I will run I will. I will cry I will.
I would like to hold my little, hand.
I will run I will. I will cry.
Send me on my way, on my way

I heard:

Well I would like to hold my little, Lion
I will run I will. I will cry I will.
I would like to hold my little, Lion.
I will run I will. I will cry.
Send me on my way, on my way

And it stuck. Everyone sings it with "lion" instead of "hand". I think it makes it more interesting that way, more unique, more me. Now I said unique, but you heard blonde, right?


Friday, September 26, 2008

Pinky Swears

My birthday is coming up soon (October 10th) and I'll be turning the big 45. Which is grand, I don't mind getting older, it's the face wrinkles and creaking bones I can do without.
My youngest son has been torturing me for a week with something that he has planned. He's terrible at keeping secrets, so I really didn't think he'd last this long without spilling the beans. I've gotten some scary hints. 1. We have to go someplace. 2. I'm going to meet someone I've never met that may or may not creep me out. 3. He's spent days negotiating with this person because it's my birthday. Finally he couldn't contain himself anymore last night, and in order for me to know what he/we are doing I had to pinky swear I wouldn't back out. I had to think about this for a good 10 minutes and slug back a beer. (or two)
A pinky swear! You do not break a pinky swear in this household. It is the word of God. (Or the Great Pumpkin, depends on your mind set.)
My curiosity got the better of me, so I did it. The Pinky Swear.
And what's behind curtain three? He's taking me down to High Priestess to get my nosed pierced! And he's getting a huge discount (the negotiation) and I get to pick out any jewel..ANY jewel I want. (more negotiation) Now I know why I had to pinky swear. Being the big weenie that I am, I have backed out of this at the last moment for the last two years. I have wanted a nose piercing for who knows how long, I think that they are absolutely gorgeous. On the other hand, having a man (who may or may not creep me out) with a needle, thiiiiiiiiiiis close to my face rather scares me.
I brought up the old "but what if it hurts" argument, which got me nowhere. Response: "Jesus H. Christ Mom, you've sat in a room for 2 1/2 hours getting a tattoo, do you really think you can't handle it?" (I always wondered what the "H" stands for, haven't you?)
Yes, anyways, I'm not backing out (The Great Pumpkin would not allow this) and I shall be bejewelled in two weeks.
I'll be fine after it's done. And besides, my son told me the man who may or may not creep me out has more piercings than skin, and his tongue is split like a snake, so he can move both sides independently. What is there to be afraid of?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Anal Bleaching.....Whaaaat?

Yes folks, you heard me right. Anal Bleaching.
I would like to back up here a bit, and say that I was not specifically on the internet looking for an anal bleaching kit. I had no idea there was such a thing. Heck, I didn't even know what a brazilian wax was until a couple weeks ago. (I really need to get out more.)
I was actually looking for party ideas for an upcoming Halloween bash that I'm going to be hosting. (no, these will NOT be the party favors)
I had landed at Extreme Pumpkins, when scrolling down I saw that this person also runs a private drugstore, caters to those looking for romantic gifts and bachelorette party items. Curiosity made me click.
and then, there it is...Anal Bleaching Cream. whaaat? "CLICK"
According to the description this is the latest cosmetic trend. Cream your anus to look younger. To Look Younger.
Phbbbbt. And all these years I've been bleaching my teeth to look great. What was I thinking??
I can just see the me of the future! Someone comes up and says "why DJ you look so much younger! What did you do?! New haircut? manicure? brazilian wax??"
Me with a new burst of confidence I didn't have before treatment: "Oh martha, no! I've been bleaching my anus!"
(Do you whip your pants down here? I haven't figured that part out yet.)
Honestly, I had to wonder if people actually bought these kind of things, but there are, and I kid you not,
Customer Reviews.
There are no before and after pictures, so I don't know if this product actually works. Why are there no before and after pictures? If your going to spend 10 bucks on something, don't you want to know if it actually works??
Okay, I'm done giggling now. NOT send me your before and after pictures. I don't think I could handle it.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wildfire Update

If you've been keeping up with me here, my last post was about the Royce Butte Wildfire that erupted on September 16, near Crescent Lake Junction. It's ferocity forced the evacuation of over 100 homes and businesses, and is about 12 miles from property that my family owns.
I'm happy to report that it is now 80% contained according to the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. I originally heard that the fire had burned 600 acres, but according to this website it is 381. With a crew of almost 400 people, they expect that it will be contained sometime today. Whew. Still don't know much about where the fire headed, so do we have a cabin still? That remains to be seen. (I never heard that it jumped the Cresent Cut Off Road, so I'm crossing my fingers.)
I contacted Mark Bolton who owns the Odell Sportsman Center after seeing pictures that he took of the fire to ask permission to post them here. (originally posted over at
He kindly agreed. Thank you Mr. Bolton.
I can't even imagine what was going through his head while the fire is charging at the sky right across the street from his market. I remember when he lost his store back in 2005 due to an electrical fire, while he and his wife were on vacation for the first time in eons. Thank goodness they were not so unfortunate this time.
(We should be up in October Mr. Bolton...stock up on the ice and beer!)
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado: The Royce Butte Fire in all her glory.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Up In Flames

And as of last night when I was glued to the internet and television looking for information, it was only about 12 miles from our cabin where my husband and I have 5 acres of land. The picture I have posted today is in Crescent Lake Junction, at a little store called The Odell Sportsman where we always stop at to get ice and munchies when we go camping. If you read my blog called Labor Day Weekend, the pic posted there is the store across the street where flames are practically licking at the back door right now. From what I gather it was started by human error, (damn us humans) and has caused Highway 58 to be shut down for quite a few miles. People are being evacuated from lodges, campgrounds, and those with homes. I can't tell if the fire is travelling exactly towards the cabin, but so far it's not under control and has burned at least 600 acres. My family sat around last night staring at each other wondering if there is going to be anything left of our most favorite place in the world. My folks bought the place when I was about 8 years old, and it was recently signed over to my husband and I to carry on the legacy. (We got the new deed 2 weeks ago)
We have worked our tails off to clean the place up, adhere to new fire regulations, and of course drink copious amounts of alcohol with our friends at the end of the day.
Plans were being made to go up in October with our giant crew of hard working kids when the rains finally hit, so we could spend mega amounts of time burning all the slash piles that have been made over the summer. (<--extraordinarily long sentence) I have a terrible feeling Mother Nature may be taking care of that herself right now. No more cabin that my dad built when I was a kid, no more sleeping bunk my husband made for us when I got too old to sleep in a tent. The old outhouse with signatures of everyone who's ever taken a crap in it. And the thing that will hurt the most. A journal that has been sitting in the old bread box, with entries made by anyone who has ever come up in the last 37 or so years. The tools, bbq, tents, food, (etc) can all be replaced. The memories will still be in my head of all the good times.
Will I be able to cope with looking at a charred piece of my heart when we can go back up? I think that might sting just a little bit.
I'll update this when I have more information

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning, I Hate You

It's only 7:30am and all ready I am completely discontent with the day.
I had my alarm set for 6:45am knowing that the eldest's phlebotomist would be by at 7:15 to draw his blood. (He has a blood draw once a month to check on his white blood count for a medication he takes)
when BoiNG the doorbell goes off at 6:46. Crap. I like to be completely dressed, coiffed, teeth fresh before she gets here, not an ogre with stale breath and hair sticking on end.
I grabbed my bathrobe, shrugged it on, and couldn't get my arms through the sleeves. It's impossible to open the bedroom door when all your hands are doing is flopping around trying to find how to get out.
I managed to get the door open while flailing about, ran down the hall yelling at the kid to get up, and got to the front door in about 45 seconds. I am a genius.
After the blood draw, and percursory chit chat, she left and I grabbed a smoke to sit outside and try and wake up.
This is when I noticed (and was mortified) to see that my bathrobe has more food all over it than Burger King has on the floor after a lunch rush.
Did I mention I was mortified?
You see, I haven't wore this bathrobe for about 6 months. It just sits there on its little hook in the bedroom looking all cozy and cute all by itself.
My husband on the other hand. Well we can see where this is going, can't we?
He is a total midnight snacker, and while I'm sure the bathrobe is warm in the middle of the night, he's got to look like a complete douche bag all dressed up in purple fluff.
Why can't he walk around in his underwear like other husbands?
And if he's going to wear my purple fluff, could he at least not use it for a drop cloth/napkin?? EwWww.
(Now I know why the sleeves were inside out..he was hiding the evidence. The sneak.)
I would like to conclude with the fact that while finding my bathrobe in a complete mess, it wasn't as bad as getting my first cup of coffee this morning and seeing a lake of cat piss on top of the stove. If you haven't read my blog "Counter Attack" I would recommend that you catch up on how much this makes me feel homicidal.
Onto other things. I watched the "Fringe" season premiere last night (yeah, I missed the one last week, thank you oh tv god for a re-run) and it was awesome!
A little bit of the "X Files" and "The Outer Limits" all swirled into one. I can see where I'm going to be glued to the tv for the Fall season. Anyone else impressed?
And "House" starts on Tuesday! This one I'm a bit confused on. The computer says its September 25th, but the television swears it's tomorrow. Oh the nail biting!
Then "CSI Miami" on the 22nd. (I heard Horatio dies...OMG NO!)
I am ashamed to say I missed the premiere of CSI (Las Vegas) last week. I got a text at 11pm that night: "Did you see it??? it was totally awesome!!!"
I would at least think I'd get a text before the show started. We all know what a bubble head I can be, hmph!
On that note, I think it's time for me to get out the hazmat suit and clean the stove, and the laundry pre-wash for the bathrobe.
I wish I had a wife.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Feel Better Campaign: Day 3

Today is day 3 of my Campaign to Make Me Feel Better.
This entails taking my multi-vitamins everyday. My calcium chewie, (which tastes like ass) my echinacea and vitamin C to build up my immune system, and my ignatia for prolonged grief, emotional upset, and sleeplessness.
(I would also like to add that it does not entail giving up my cigarettes or alcohol. A girl can only do so many things at once.)
So far so good. I've only forgotten my calcium once, and that's because as I might have mentioned - it tastes like ass.
I finally came to this Feel Better Campaign decision, because of my mother. She's the only one that can sympathize with all the crap that goes on over here, and that I am the one who takes care of every one else. I always forget, and she reminds me, that if I don't take care of myself, no one else will. If I feel like a possum being drug under an 18 wheeler, that's where I will stay.
Physician Heal Thyself!
I know these things, and yet it always takes my mom basically shaking my scruff to make me wake up and see what I'm doing to myself. Or not doing for myself. Thank you are a rock. I don't know what I'd do without you.
I do hope by sticking to this little program, that maybe I can look in the mirror one of these days and not see some haggard old lady looking back at me.
I already eat pretty well. I am a veggie hound, prefer chicken and pork to beef, and have been on a low sodium diet for over a year.
Water is my friend, and I think I put away about a gallon a day. Hydration is important, because I know I dehydrate myself every night with beer. (I've never understood how something that is 90 percent water can cause dehydration, but then I'm no rocket scientist either.)
In doing more for me, I've also found a great site online called Sound Sleeping "sounds to promote sleep and relaxation."
They have 15, 36 and 65 minute mp3's that are cheap! I downloaded the 65 minute Harmony/Evening bonfire with alpha tones to promote stress relief for a mere $3.99. Try getting that out of a store bought CD.
And it is really relaxing. Even the cats love it. They all toddle into the living room when I turn it on, and promptly dive into a sun drenched area to snooze.
I plan on downloading some more when payday gets here...hey this is all about me, remember?
(and I can't feel too guilty about spending 4 bucks, right?)
Mom also wants me to start walking with her again. I told her that she is going to have to be mean and force me, because I have no desire. I'm tired and depressed, and the last thing I want to do is trek 2 miles a day and whine because it kills my hips. (That damned Fibromyalgia again)
And then restart the Tai Chi. Well, if you've ever seen a monkey doing ballet, then you've seen me try to do Tai Chi. We once spent an entire year practicing from one Tai Chi CD, and still couldn't do the whole thing right to the end.
I think we spent more time laughing at ourselves than anything. Maybe that's not a bad thing. It would be nice to laugh again.
And last but not least, I emailed a long time internet friend from Pennsylvania, and gave him my cell number. (Yep, another one of those wonderful people I met at Beauty's Castle Chat eons ago!)
He always makes me feel happy when we chat, and I miss him terribly. So, since we never get the time to connect online, well, it would make sense on my Feel Better Campaign to be able to text each other off and on and make each other smile this way.
At last I have goals.
Will I stick with them?
I want to.
I know I can't change what is going on in my life, but I can change how I deal with it.
Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Counter Attack!

Sheba looking inncocent---> Sometimes I hate being a cat owner. Days like yesterday make me want to get a sling shot and a cork. Sheba my adorable little monster has taken it upon herself to piss on the kitchen counter AGAIN. Now my husband always blames Petunia because we have never caught either one of them in the act. Sheba is his cat, and she would never do anything like that. MMhmmm. She doesn't pee all over the bathroom rug every time I wash it either, does she? I've caught her!!! ( I also like to bring up the fact when I'm all mad that all three of the cats are his, because I was never asked if I wanted a cat.) I know it's not Mischief our 14 year old male, because it's an olympian effort for him to even jump on the couch. Regardless of these minor facts, it is always me that gets left to clean up these wee messes. (wee..get it?)

I could smell cat pee all afternoon, but couldn't find the source. Not behind (or on) the coffee maker, not behind (or on) the microwave, not all over my spice bottles. Hmmm. Must be my imagination. As I was putting dishes away, I grabbed the thermos to put into it's little leather carry bag, and cat piss dribbles all over my fingers, down my wrist and onto the counter. You have no idea of the EWwWw factor here. And then I get angry. Gawdamn freaking mother bleeping blippity blip son of a beeeeeeeeeeeep! I have a real thing about my kitchen being spotless. I run it like a restaurant, and I want it clean clean clean, and germ free. Nothing grosses me out more than a cat using my counters for the litter box. I cook here for for goodness sake! The next hour is spent with the sopping up of the dribbles, the spraying of "out" (a natural bacterial enzyme made to basically eat pee) the rinsing, bleaching, and repeating. I told you, i'm insane about my kitchen being clean. ugh! For all of you out there that are going to tell me that she needs to be taken to the vet to rule out any problems, I have. I've taken both the girls, and they are fit as fiddles. We have two litter boxes for 3 cats, use the same unscented litter all of the time, and I empty the boxes twice a day. So it must be a behavioral problem. Either that, or she is just a total bitch. I'm going for the latter. I finally found a site last night that perhaps might be my savior. It's called Cat Faeries. Good behavior and good health for the modern housecat. According to the information I found there, cats produce pheromones in three parts of their bodies. The pheromones from their cheeks give the friendly message of "Hi there, I like you, I'm happy." The pheromones that come out with their urine and feces are very different and tell other cats "Hey buddy, this is my territory." So they sell this spray called Feliway that uses the happy pheromones to use where they have been peeing inappropriately. I'm liking the sound of it all ready. There's alot of great information at their site, and if you have a cat I would recommend it even if your not buying anything. I like places that go all natural. They even sell special music for your kitties to listen to while your away at work to keep them calm and happy. And crystals! I've never worked with crystals before, but I just might try one of those too. Diffusers? Well yes, they have those too, it's a kitty paradise. I spoke to the husband about trying out some of these products and got the silent but shouting look of "good gawd, paper towels aren't good enough for you anymore???" If anyone out there in internet land has ever tried any of the products at Cat Faeries, I sure would like to hear from you. They have great testimonials, but you know...they aren't going to publish anything that is less than stupendous.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Camping Trip

What kind of fun can you have camping at the cabin in Eastern Oregon with your husband and 10 kids ranging in ages from 18 to 23? The excitement never ends!
Neither does the frustration.
Hubby forgot to leave me the keys to the gate at the cabin, and since I'm leaving earlier than everyone else, he had to drive home on his lunch break to drop them off.
Did I say I was leaving early?
I had grand plans of leaving home by 4:30 so I could get up there early enough to unpack what I had, get camp organized, and start dinner for the 12 of us before everyone else rolled in.
At 4:45pm the youngest's girlfriend informs me that she has forgotten her backpack at a friends house, and hasn't even packed yet because she's dying of a hangover, and been lying half comatose on the couch all afternoon.
I don't know why we need this particular backpack, whats wrong with a paper sack? We're going camping, not to the Hilton. (And a hangover is no excuse...I know these things because I have them on a regular basis. Hmph.)
SooOoo, I have to wait for her and one of the boys she conned into driving her to get back. 5:00pm rolls around. 5:10pm passes. 5:15pm and I'm getting a tad irritated. At this rate the husband will be home before we ever leave. All the other kids are foot stomping and frothing at the mouth when she finally shows back up. Pack already!
We're out of here 3 minutes before the hubby shows up. We're off to great start.
The two kids driving in front of me blast out of here like they are on fire, and the two behind me don't know the way up so I'm their guide. (The other kids are following the hubby)
We get up to Jasper Road, and it's completely blocked. WTF? The new extension road is apparently open now (thanks for telling me Oregon Highway Department) and I have to whip an illegal U-turn and drive a couple miles back to the new road. The kids that were in front of me ring up my cellphone about then to tell me the road is closed. I kinda figured that one out on my own, but thanks.
Everything is going smoothly for the next 45 miles ...we're headed up the Willamette Pass at a good clip, with hardly any traffic. yay! (it's an 80 mile drive)
I keep checking the rear view mirror to make sure the newbie boys are still behind me.
And then they aren't. Slooooooow down to 35 miles per hour. Still not there. Find a place that's wide enough to pull over and wait.
20 minutes go by. We're in the dead zone for cell service. What the hell happened back there? I'm getting all paranoid about them wrecking, a flat tire, the car blew up, what?
A State Trooper pulls in behind me to see if we're broke down. "Nope, but did you happen to see a little red ford back there broke down?" Of course not, he has his head up his butt, and off he goes.
Then I see a red Ford pickup flying past us. It's my husband and youngest son barreling by. I wave them down, but by then they can't stop. Shit.
Wait a little longer. Okay, we're going to have to go up a little higher on the pass and try to get some cell service. After going around a particularly hairy corner I see that the husband is pulled to the side of the road (Where Mr. State Trooper happened to have perched with his radar gun after being so helpful) but they are pulling away! StOp StOP STOP! No luck.
I followed them for another 5 miles before we're all at the top of the pass and there's a place to pull over. (And WHOOOOSH..there goes another truck full of our kids, but not the one's I'm looking for!)
After much consulting, I'm to continue up to the cabin, while he turns around to find out what the hell happened. Good plan.
We stopped at Crescent Lake Junction to get some ice at The Odell Sportsman, and walk around the parking lot looking for a cell signal to let the kids that were in front of us know we're going to be late late late, but we're on our way. (I knew I should of given them the gate keys)
They had stopped in Oakridge, about 20 miles back, and were actually behind us! They saw my missing kids pulled over with a State Trooper when they blew by, and were about 5 minutes from where we are. I waited for them to see what happened. Apparently the radiator was overheating, so they had to get coolant from the store, drive back down the mountain, and get the beast running again. I tried calling the hubby to let him know the kids were driving back down, so he could turn around, but of course they are still in the dead zone. FINE. You guys all do what you have to do, I HAVE GOT to get to the cabin before my bladder explodes. (public restrooms? probably, but I have a paranoia about such things)
Needless to say, when everyone finally made it to the cabin, it was pitch black, and we had to set up camp and cook by the light of a small lantern. (We have no running water or electricity up here. Very primitive.) After everyone got settled down, and the beer was flowing, the rest of the evening was pretty damned nice.
Except for the cold. I've never been camping on Labor Day weekend when it's only 34 degree's at night. And me, with no long underwear.
Mother Nature, you are my hero.
No, is my hero.
The rest of the weekend you ask? Let's just say that we're going again this Friday, and it better be nicer than this camp trip was.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Being Tired is for Wimps...

But I'm so tired. I was so excited last night because I was going to have the house allllllll to myself till I picked up the eldest from work at 12:30pm. The thrill of it all! I never have the house to myself! Then I spent most of the night tossing and turning because of restless leg syndrome decided to make an appearance. There is no possible way to sleep when your legs are jerking all over the place, and it feels like bugs are crawling all over them. I think I finally fell asleep around 2am or so from sheer exhaustion, when my left calf decided to seize up and cramp. That will wake you right up out of a dead sleep. I can never find a way to relieve the spasms, so I have to bolt out of bed and do whatever contortion I can think of while gritting my teeth so I don't wake up my husband. I don't know why I'm having such bad leg/foot cramps lately. Probably associated with Fibromyalgia. Isn't everything?
There were a few more spasms, but not as bad as that one. I felt like a zombie when the alarm went off at 7am, and then a lovely spell of vertigo attacked me when I sat up. I haven't had THAT problem in over 2 months. Today is not going to be a good day. Who cares if you get the house to yourself when you feel like crap. Not that I was alone. *sigh* One of the younger son's friends was asleep on my couch, so when I got back from taking the eldest to work, I snuck up all quiet to my computer to take it into my room, and POP.
He's awake.
And cheerful.
And wants to talk, talk talk.
And talk talk talk we did until noon. He left, and as I am enjoying my alone time for what should be the next 10 minutes, here comes the youngest's girlfriend up the drive. She got told to leave work because she showed up still drunk from the party she was at last night, and was basically getting paid for throwing up all morning.
I was supposed to go shopping today to pick up all the stuff we need for camping this weekend too, but with all this excitement going on, I just want to take a nap. And wish my wooziness would go away.
Instead, I shall go smoke another cigarette (like that will help) and think of something to start making for dinner.
Yay. More company tonight.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My, What a Little Paint Can Do

I had grand plans of getting alot of much needed yard work done this weekend, since it rained all week, and got stuck painting the bathroom instead. Not that I wasn't happy about it finally getting done, I've wanted to do it forever. The youngest and I had been talking eons ago about when he moved out (as if) how he would like to do his bathroom in shades of brown. I got all excited, and brought home about 400 paint chips to peruse, and let him pick out what he thought would look good. He picked out a chocolate brown for one accent wall, and almost an oatmeal for the ceiling and other walls. Now this was a challenge, because he is partially color blind, and if he chose two colors that looked like crap together, I didn't want to hurt his feelings!
He got the bug on Saturday to paint, so we went down and got our colors mixed. Gawd, paint is expensive these days! Cost me almost $50.00 for two gallons...yipes.
And, as I knew, he got burned out about half through, and I had to finish up. Imagine.
But it looks great, and I feel like I have a very inviting room to go into, instead of those plain white walls, with glass fish staring at me. We used to have a "sea theme" know the kind where your children are small, and tape glow in the dark sea creatures to the wall. Yeah, not very exciting.
The hubby was kind enough to spray the louvre door a nice shade of chocolate. Thank you sweetie! After everything was finished, I asked him what he thought.
"It looks like someone pooped on the walls."
There's always a sceptic.